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EMTC Chapter 18

EMTC Complete Basic Worktext - Chapert 18 Understanding Pharmacology

Define Pharmacology The study of medication
Define Inhaler A spray device with a mouthepiece thtat contains an aerosol form of a medication that a patient can spray into his airway
Define Generic The medication name found in the US Pharmacopoeia
Define United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) Government listing of all medications
Define Albuterol A medication used to dialiate bronchioles in patients with respiratory disorders
Define Trade Name The medication name a pharmaceutical company gives to a drug. It could also be referred to as a brand name
Define Chemical Name The medication name that reflects the chemical structure of the medication.
Trade Names for Albuterol Proventil, Ventolin
Medications that are injected act very quickly
Medications that are taken orally (by mouth) reach the intended area much more slowly because they require digestion and absorbtion
Inhaled Medications Reach the lungs quickly
Example of Liquids for injection Epinephrine
Example of Gels Oral Glucose
Example of Tablets Nitroglycerin
Example of Suspensions Activated Charcoal
Example of Fine Powder for Inhalation Metered-dose inhalder
Example of Sublingual spray nitroglycerin
Example of Gas Oxygen
Example of Nebulized (Vaporized) Resperatory medication
Example of Transdermal nicotine patch or nitroglycerin patch
define Injection placement of medication in or under the skin with a needle and syringe
Define Gels Jelly like form of a medication
Define tablets small disk like compressed form of medication
define Suspeensions solid medications miexed in a fluid, must be shaken before giving
define sublingual beneath the tounge
define nebulized process of mixing air and medication t produce a mist which is inhaled
define transdermal through or by way of the skin
a medications generic name is the name listed in the USP
A medication found in a gel form is glucose
the device that dispenses medication in fine powder form is the: metered dose inhaler
true or false, a medication given to one person may have a diffeerent reaction when given to another person true
sublingual medications are given: Under the tongue
The medication name found in the us Pharmacopoeia Generic Name
The medication name that reflects the chemichal structure of the medication chemical name
solid medication mixed in a fluid, must be shaken before being given suspension
the medicaiton name a pharmaceutical company gives to a drug, it could also be referred to as a brand name trade name
process of mixing air and medication to produce a mist Nebulized
What is the difference between a metered-dose and a nebulizer A metered-dose inhaler (sometimes called an inhaler) dispenses individual bursts of medication as a fine power, a nebulizer dispenses a continuous vapor containing the medication through a mouthepice or oxygen mask.
someone gets perscribed nitrostat, is there a difference between nitroglyceryn and nitrostat? The only difference is the name, nitrostat is a brand name for nitroglyceryn
another emt tells you "it does not matter if they swallow the nitro pill or put it under the tounge" incorrect / disagree. the route of any medication is specific. In the case of nitro it is absorbed through the issues under the tounge. This area is richly supplied with blood vessels to absorb the medication as it dissolves.
Nitrostat trade name for nitroglyceryn
Albuterol Sulfate chemical name for albuterol
Activated charcoal generic for activated charcoal
Nitroglyceryn generic for nitroglyceryn
Proventil trade name for albuterol
Glucose trade name for glucose
Actidose trade name for activated charcoal
Epinephrine generic for epinephrine
define indication the reason a medication is administered (e.g. chest pain or poisioning
define route how the medication is administered (for example sublingual, injection, or inhalation)
define dose how much of the medication is administered
Define actions certain responses expected in the bod, also called the desired effect
define side effects negative effects or actions other than the desired actions
define contraindictions situations where you wouldn't administer the medication because it may do more harm than good.
When recieving a medication order it is important to acknoledge the order then repeate it back to the physician for verification. You may also want to write it down
Six rights memory aid to remember all things you must check when administering a medication to the patient. these include: right medication, right dose, right route, right patient, right time, and right documentation.
Define epinephrine a medication used to treat serious allergic reactions called anaphylaxis.
define nitroglycerin a medication used to treat chest pain
define smooth-muscle relaxant a medication that relaxes smooth muscles for example as nitroglycerin relaxes the muscle in blood vessels and permits an increased blood flow
nitroglycerin is contracinticated for patients whose systolic blood pressure is below 100, and who may be taking medication for ED
define activated charcoal a medication used to treat certain cases of poision or overdose.
define oral glucose medication used to treate patients with suspected low blood sugar.
define carbohydrate source of fuel for the body
Which of the following medications is provided as a suspension Activated charcoal
which of the following medications is supplied as a tablet nitroglyceryin
you assist a patient with his inhaler. almoast immediately the patient feels shakey and like his heart has speed up. these sensations would be called side effects
the medication that is designed to absorb poisions and prevent them from entering the body is : activated charcoal
true or false oxygen is a drug true
liquids for injection epinephrine
Gels oral Glucose
tablets nitro
suspensions activated charcoal
fine powder for inhalation albuterol
sublingual spray nitroglycerin
gas oxygen
nebulized (vaporized) albuterol
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