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Great Britain Qs an As

What are the four geographical and historical parts of Great Britain? England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland
What two regions is Great Britain usually divided to? Lowland (East and South) and Highland. (North and West)
What is the climate in Great Britain like? Femperate matitime climate = mild summers, cool winters, lots of rain. It's influenced by the warm Gulf stream. The weather is very changeable.
What type of government does Great Britain have? Constitutional monarchy, in practice a parliamentary democracy. Queen Elizabeth II is head of the constitutional monarchy and the government is responsible to her for its decisions. She is also Head of the Protestant Church of England.
What parts does the parliament consist of? The House of Lords and the House of Commons.
What are the main British political parties? Labour and Conservative, Liberal Democrats
What are the main agricultural products of Great Britain? What are the most important farming animals? Wool, beef, potatoes, barley, oats, sugar beet sheep, cattle, horse breeding
What is the official name of Great Britan? The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland
Where is Great Britain situated? It's an island country off the northwestern Europe.
What are the land and sea borders of Great Britain? The only land border is between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. There are four sea boarders – with the Atlantic ocean and the Irish Sea, North sea and the English Channel.
What does the UK flag look like and what are the symbols? It's made up of the flags of England, Scotland and Ireland, symbol of administrative unity of these countries. England - red cross of St George on a white ground. Scotland- white cross on a blue field-st Andrew and Ireland-red diagonal cross(St.Patrick)
What is the total area of Great Britain? 245000 square kilometers.(three times bigger than CR)
What mountain ranges are in the Highland zone of Great Britain? the Highlands of Scotland (with Ben Nevis), the Cheviot Hills(form the border between Eng. and Scot.,the Pennines (central part of Northern Engl - the backbone), the Cumbrian mountains (=Lake Disctrict), the Cambrians in Wales (Snowdonia)
What are the largest rivers? the Thames, The Severn, the Trent
What lakes do you know in Great Britain? There are many lakes in the Lake District(the biggest is Windermere) and in the Highlands of Scotland. Attractive for tourists are lochs in Scotland - Loch Lomond, Loch Ness. The largest is Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland.
How often are the general elections to the House of Commons held? General elections have to take place at least every five years and are called by the Prime Minister (the leader of the Government).
How many MPs are in the House of Commons and who is its head? 659 members, The Speaker
Where do the House of Commons and the House of Lords meet? In the Houses of Parliament (also called the Palace of Westminster) in London. Big Ben is a part of the Houses of Parliament.
Who is the British Prime Minister? At present, the Prime Minister is David Cameron, who is also the leader of the Conservative party (from May 2010).
Where does the Prime Minister live? Traditionally, the official residence of the Prime Minister is at Number 10 Downing Street. Traditionally, the official residence of the Prime Minister is at Number 10 Downing Street. He also has a house in the country called Chequers
Which parts does the Parliament consist of? The House of Lords and The House of Commons
What are the main products of British industries? food and beverages, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, electronic goods, motor vehicles
What kind of mining industries are there in the UK? coal, oil, natural gas
What is Canterbury famous four? cathedral, seat of the Archbishop Thomas Becket was murdered there Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales - about a journey to Canterbury (Southern England)
What is Stonehenge? close to Salisbury in Southern England prehistoric monument from about 2,800 B.C. Might have been a place of religious rituals
What is the city of Plymouth in Southern England known for? historic seaport departure point of the Mayflower – Pilgrim Fathers (1620)
What is the city of Bath famous for? Roman health spa with warm springs famous for its remarkable architecture
Why is Stradford Upon Avon popular among tourists? It is the birthplace and the burial place of William Shakespeare. (central England)
What is Liverpool? industrial city in the North of England important port and home of the Beatles UNESCO site - docking and shipbuilding industrial site
What do you know abou the Hadrian's wall? built around AD 122 by Roman Emperor Hadrian built to protect England’s northern boundary
What basic information can you give about Scotland's capital city? Edinburgh is a medieval city famous for its castle and the Annual Edinburgh International Festival
Which Scottish lake is visited by tourists very often and why? Loch Ness unconfirmed reports of a Loch Ness monster since the 15th century
What is the capital of Wales? What do you know about it? Cardiff - industrial and financial centre famous for its castle – built in 1100s and Millenium Stadium(2nd biggest in the world)
What interesting sights can you find in Northern Ireland? the capital - Belfast, important industrial port,university town, Giant’s Causeway -natural wonder of the northern coast, formed by hexagonal columns of rock
What are the British Isles? The British Isles are formed by the two major islands of Great Britain and Ireland and more than 5000 small islands.
What smaller islands that belong to British Isles do you know? the Shetlands, the Orkneys and the Hebrides, The Isle of Anglesey, The Isle of Wight, the Isles of Arran and Bute, Achill and the Aran Islands, the Isles of Scilly, The Channel Islands (Jersey,Guernsey and Alderney). the Isle of Man.
What is the highest point of Great Britain? Ben Nevis in Grampians (part of Scottish Highlands) 1.343 m. Second highest is Snowdon in Snowdonia (Wales)
What is the largest British lake? Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland
What is the political division of Great Britain? Great Britain is divided into areas called counties.(in England 39 for example). The UK doesn't include the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. These are direct dependencies of the British Crown, with their own legislative, monetary and taxation systems.
What religion do the British follow? They are mostly protestant. It was Henry VIII who split from the Roman Catholic Church and established the Church of England. Priests in the Anglican Church can get married and women can be priests as well. The Presbyterian Church of Scotland.
Do you know any English legends? There are many legends, e.g. about King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table or a more modern one about Robin Hood. Robin was an outlaw who robbed the rich and gave to the poor.
What is Manchester famous for? for cotton goods and corduroy cloth production, football team Manchester United
What is Oxford famous for? It has been a university town since 12 th century.(Harry Potter was filmed there – dining hall) It lies on the river Thames. There are 35 colleges.Popular means of transport are bikes and punts.
What is the second largest city in Great Britain? Birmingham
What do you know about Cambridge? Another university city. It lies onthe river Cam. A big rival of Oxford, they have rowing competitions. University of Archeology and Anthropology.
What do you know about Brighton? It lies on the southern coast of England. Famous seaside resort. Prince Regent (later George IV) had The Royal Pavilion built there - in Oriental style.
What do you know about the Lake District? It is a National park. There are many lakes, the biggest one Lake Windermere. Lake poets used to live there and write about the countryside (William Wordsworth)
What do you know about Wales? The Capital is Cardiff and st David is the patron saint of the country. Most people are bilingual (English and Welsh). The Welsh call their country Cymru in their language. There are the Cambrians with the highest peak Snowdon.
What are the symbols of Wales? The national instrument is the harp and the symbols are daffodil and leek. On the flag there is a dragon. Eisteddfods (meetings in English) are very popular Welsh festivals of music and dancing. It is the country of castles.
What do you know about Scotland? The biggest Scottish city is Glasgow but the capital is the historical town of Ediburgh. There is Edingburgh Castle that was the home of Scotland's royal family. Holyrood House and Royal Mile leading to the Castle are big tourist attractions.
What languages are spoken in Scotland and what are the national symbols? Scots speak English and in some parts Scottish Gaelic as well. The symbol of the country is thistle (bodlák), which according to a legend, saved the Scots from their enemies. The patron saint of Scotland is St Andrew.
What are typical Scottish music instruments and clothing? The typical instrument is the bagpipes and a typical Scot is dressed in a pleated tartan kilt.(skládaná tartanová sukně) Tartan is woolen cloth with a chequered (kostkovaný)pattern. A sporran, a small leather or fur pouch is worn around the waist.
What are the traditional Scottish sports? tossing the caber (házení kládou), curling, tossing the hammer (házení kladivem), a tug-of-war (přetahování)
What are the most important Scottish rivers and lakes? for example the Clyde, the Tweed and the Tay. There are lots of lakes in Scotland. They call them lochs. The most famous are Loch Lomond and Loch Ness with the monster Nessie.
What is the Giant´s Causeway? An unusual natural geological feature that was formed as lava from an ancient volcano cooled on the earth’s surface. It consists of over 40,000 massive black columns. In Irish mythology, it was built by a giant to cross the sea to Scotland.
What is Titanic Belfast? a museum in Belfast (Nothern Ireland) which tells the story of the Titanic, which sank in 1912)
What are Highland Games? Events held every year in the Scottish Highlands with bagpipes, dancing, and heavy athletics to celebrate Scottish and Celtic culture.
What do you know about Windsor? Town in South EastEngland, Windsor Castle, the official residence of the Queen and the largest and oldest continually occupied castle in the world. In the same area: Eton College, Ascot Racecourse and Legoland.
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