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PC Sci Sem1 Content

Pinecrest Cadence Science Sem1 Exam Content Attainment Review

The orbital motions of the objects in the solar system, and the reason that our solar system doesn’t break apart, are the direct result of the Sun’s what? gravitational pull
What happens to the sunlight as it hits the earth? (which explains why the tilt of Earth on its axis creates the seasons) the angle of sunlight varies on different parts of Earth at different times. It hits directly during the summer, but at an angle (scatters) during winter.
When Earth's shadow is on the Moon, it is called a ... Lunar Eclipse
Describe the revolution of the moon, Earth, and Sun as a system. The moon revolves around the Earth, and the Earth revolves around the Sun.
What is primarily responsible for the changing of seasons on Earth? Tilt of the axis of Earth and the orbit of Earth around the Sun
A rocket is propelled upwards due to the fuel being aimed downward. This is because of Newton's _____________law. Third
A girl is pulling on the handle of a wagon. To move the wagon, the force exerted by the girl must be ___________ than the pull of gravity on the wagon. greater
A small car and a large truck are traveling at the same speed toward each other. The two vehicles collide. Describe the reaction for these vehicles. They react with the same force, but the car moves backwards due to its lesser mass.
A pencil is sitting on DeAnthony's desk. He accidentally bumps it, and the pencil falls to the ground. When the pencil in ON the desk, it has the most _______________________potential energy. gravitational
Describes the formation of the solar system: A rotating disk of gas and dust was drawn together by the force of gravity.
It takes a LESSER force to move a ________________weight. lighter
If a plate is moved from the lowest shelf in the cabinet to the highest shelf, the potential energy is _______________________. increased
A car traveling 30 km/hr requires about 15 meters to stop. A car traveling 60 km/hr requires about 55 meters to stop. This is because objects moving with a greater ________________energy require more energy to stop. kinetic
When the moon passes between the sun and the Earth, and casts a shadow, it causes a __________________eclipse. solar
What is the name of the space telescope that has orbited Earth since 1990 delivering amazing images of space and increasing our understanding of how the universe works? Hubble
Which type of galaxy orbits in a predictable motion? Spiral Galaxy
The Sun's mass creates a gravitational pull that holds the planets in the solar system in _________________. orbit
A lunar eclipse can only occur when the Moon lines up with Earth and the Sun in the position where the Moon normally would have been at which phase? Full Moon
Newton's Third Law states that every action results in an equal and opposite________________. reaction
Why does the position of the stars appear to change? The Earth rotates on its ________________. axis
The sun's ______________ creates a gravitational pull that keeps the planets and the solar system in orbit. mass
All the star systems in our galaxy orbit around the _____________ of the galaxy. center
___________ is responsible for the motion of the objects in our galaxy. Gravity
Earth and its solar system are a part of which galaxy. Milky Way
All the planets and celestial bodies in our solar system orbit around what? Sun
Potential energy is energy that is____________________ in a system or object. stored
The inner planet that is closest to the sun: Mercury
The inner planet that second from the sun. Venus
The inner planet that is the third planet from the sun. Earth
The inner planet that is the fourth planet from the sun. Mars
The outer, gas giant planet, that is the fifth from the sun. Jupiter
The outer, gas giant planet, that is the sixth from the sun. Saturn
The outer, gas giant planet, that is the seventh from the sun. Uranus
The outer, gas giant planet, that is the eighth from the sun. Neptune
Ceres, Makemake, Pluto, Eris, Haumea are the ________________planets. dwarf
More then 13 billion years ago, within the Milky Way Galaxy, a rotating disk of gas and dust was brought together by gravity and formed our _____________ _______________. solar system
Newton's Second Law states that Force is equal to mass times ______________________. acceleration
If someone is building a scale model of our solar system which characteristic would be the most difficult to build into the model? The immense ________________________ between objects. distance
A _____________is a push or pull that is exerted on an object. force
When an object's height increases, its potential energy_______________. increases
Kinetic energy is energy related to the _________________of objects or particles. motion
An _________________________force causes an object to accelerate. unbalanced
The change in an object's motion depends on the sum of the _______________on the object and the mass of the object. forces
Newton's First Law, also known as the law of __________________, states that an object at rest stays at rest, and an object in motion stays in motion. inertia
What two factors impact gravity? mass and distance



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