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OB Unit 2

Conception of fetal Development

Amenorrhea absence of menstruation
Battledore when umbilical cord is inserted in the periphery del placenta
Cleavage early successive splitting of a fertilized ovum into smaller cells
Coitus sexual intercourse
Congenital existing at or b4 birth
Contraception prevention of contraception or impregnation
Dysmenorrhea Pain ful menstruation
Ectopic implantation of fertilized egg outside uterine cavity
Ejactualation expulsion of semen and sperm from the penis
Fertilization union of ovum and sperm
Gamete mature germ cell
Gonad sex gland; ovaries-females, testes-male
Hydatidiform mole degenerative process in chorionic villi, giving rise o multiple cysts and rapid growth of the uterus with hemorrhage
Implantation Imbedding del fertilized ovum in the lining del uterus
Meiosis Process of cell division that occurs in the maturation of sperm and ova that decreases their number of chromosomes by one half
Menopause permanent cessation of menses
Mitosis process of cell division
Mittleschmerz painful discomfort sometimes experienced by women during ovulation or in the middle of menstrual cycle
Oligohydramnios formation of body organs from embryonic tissue
Ovulation Process of discharging a mature ovum from an ovary approx 14 days b4 the onset of menses
Polyhydramnios abnormal large amount of amniotic fluid
Prolactin Hormone that ant-pituitary that stimulates lactation in mammory gland
Spinnbarkeit Elasticity seen in cervical mucos ate the time of ovulation
Viable able to live
bromocriptine corrects excess prolactin secretion
clomiphene induces ovulation in women, increase sperm production in men
GnRH, Lutrepulse stimulates other hormones that in in turn stimulate ovulation
leuprolide reduce endometriosis
menotropins stimulate ovulation
nafarelin reduce endometriosis
progesterone promote implantation
sildenafil viagra
hCG stimulate ovulation
IVF several ova recovered laparoscopy/ transvag
Chorion form fetal part of placenta
Amnion 2nd membrane- envelops and protects embryo
Yolk Sac 9th day post Fert- initiates prod RBC for about 6 weeks till liver takes over
Germ Layer 3 layers grow on diff parts of embryo
Created by: bvjklolita2015
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