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A Christmas Carol

Reading A Christmas Carol

as the film opens, what is shown being pulled through the streets a coffin
how many years ago diid Jacob Marley die 7 Christmas' ago
why doed Fred visit Ebenezer Scrooge in his office to invite him to a Christmas dinner
what do the two charity workers at the exchange want from Scrooge Money to help with the poor
why doesn't Scrooge give them what they want because of taxes
who is the first ghost that visits Scrooge Jacob Marley
what time would Scrooge expect the first spirit 1:00 AM
who is the boy in the empty classroom Scrooge as a child
why is he alone at Christmas His father would not allow him for Christmas
how many days does the young Scrooge get to spend with his father and sister before he has to start work at his new job 3 days
why does Ebenezer's fiancee "release" him from their engagement he was more interested in money than marriage
what becomes of his fiancee after they break up she become married, has children, and has a happy life
what time does the second ghost come 2:00 AM
whose house do they go to first the Cratchits
why do the Cratchits have such a small goose according to the ghost its all they can afford
what happens when Bob Cratchit gives a toast to Mr. Scrooge the mother dosen't want to give a toast for Mr. Scrooge
why does Fred keep asking Scrooge to Christmas dinner every year even though Scrooge keeps saying no he believes everyone deserves some good times and memories
where did the homeless man get the potatoes they fell from a wagon
what are the names of the children under the spirit's robe Ignorance and Want
describe the Ghost of Chrstmas yet to come. what does he look like tall, thin, long "black" (acually green) robe
where is the first place the ghost takes scrooge the exchange
who is the dead bod under the sheet Ebenezer Scrooge
to which place do they return (Scrooge was earlier with another spirit) the Cratchits
what's different when they go to the cratchits again Tiny Tim dies
spirit take hime after the Cratchits the graveyard
what's the name on the gravestone Ebenezer Scrooge
what day is it when Scrooge wakes up Christmas mourning
what is the first nice thing that Scroog does the mourning he wakes up orders a Turkey to the Cratchits
how much of a raise does Scrooge give to Bob Cratchit double the salary
what does Scroog tell Cratchit to do with the coal "buy more coal before you do another eye"
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