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US Period 1 Chptr.14

Carroll County-Mr. C-Chapter 14 Politics & Prosperity

What is Communism? Government control over all aspects of a country.
What was the Red Scare? Intense fear of Communism.
What court case limited free speech? Schenck v. U.S>
What court case limited free speech & the press? Gitlow v. New York
What were the Palmer raids? A government response to radicals in our country.
What happened to Sacco & Vanzetti? Tried for espionage and executed.
Why did the Boston police go on strike? For better wages.
Many people believed that the steel & coal workers strikes were influenced by whom? Communists
Who were the three Republican presidents of the 1920s? Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover.
What was isolationism? The policy to avoid political & economic alliances.
What was disarmament? A program where countries voluntarily give up their weapons.
A numerical limit is better known as a Quota.
What industry involved the Teapot Dome scandal? Oil
The policy of leaving business alone was known as Laissez Faire.
What was the Kellogg-Briand Pact? An agreement of countries not to go to war.
Consumer Economy Depends on a large amount of spending by people
Installment Plan Making partial payments over time.
Gross National Product Total sum of all good/services produced in a year.
Assembly Line Specialization of labor
Welfare Capitalism Meeting workers demands.
Speculation Making high risk investments for a better return.
Buying on Margin Stockbroker practice to get more investors
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