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Unit 1B

Unit 1B - The Legal Profession (TOLES)

to qualify as a lawyer to fulfil the requirements for becoming a lawyer, would-be lawyers earn a bachelor's degree, attend law school and then sit for a bar exam, which is necessary to obtain a license to practice, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
to act for a client a person who employs or retains an attorney to represent him or her in any legal business; to assist, to counsel, and to defend the individual in legal proceedings; and to appear on his or her behalf in court.
to sit as a judge to hold court or perform an act that is judicial in nature
to gain some experience general: You gain (uncountable) experience as sum of skill and knowledge obtained from repeating something. You live through an experience, an event that caused a lasting impression (or make one)
to issue a claim when lawyers refer to “issuing a claim” it means starting a claim.
to take an exam examination, in law, the interrogation of a witness by attorneys or by a judge.
to be known as something example: They are known as barristers.
to qualify as something example: She qualified as a lawyer two years ago.
to go into partnership with someone example: He is going to go into partnership with his brother.
to specialise in something example: specialises in commercial litigation.
to work in a business e[ample: He works in a law firm but she works in a bank.
to preside over a case example: The insurance case has started and Judge Mortimer is presiding over it.
to make a will a will is the legal instrument that permits a person, the testator, to make decisions on how his estate will be managed and distributed after his death.
a breach of contract the violation of a contractual obligation. One may breach a contract by repudiating a promise, failing to perform a promise, or interfering with another party's performance.
to be made redundant termination of employment because of the disappearance of the need for the job.
to import goods from another country example: She imported her car from Belgium.
to import goods into a country example: She imported her car into England.
to take care over/with something example: Please take care over/with that document because it is very important.
to deal with something or someone example: Could you please deal with Mr Jones for me as I am busy this morning?
to pass information 1 : to be approved (by a legislature) The proposal passed into law. 2 : to approve (a proposed law) The bill was passed into law.
to suffer a loss in the legal world, damage is defined as a loss or harm resulting from injury to a person, property or reputation.
to set up a business to start one's own business. example: He set up in business after finishing college.
to run a business to run (a business, a company): to operate, to direct, to oversee, to manage (a business, a company). example: My cousin runs a small surf shop in Santa Cruz. He started there as an employee and now, 20 years later, he owns the place.
to draft an agreement to draft (up) an agreement: to develop, to write, to draw up an agreement or a contract
to claim damages damages refers to the sum of money the law imposes for a breach of some duty or violation of some right.
to pass information between two people or among a group of people example: Once the confidential information had passed between the two of them, it was known among the whole group in the office in just a few days.
to be married to someone example: She has been married to Peter for seven years.
to be on full pay example: The company suspended him from work on full pay.
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