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C2, S1, DailyRoutine

Chinese 2, Semester 1, Daily Routine- Wisconsin Virtual School

日常生活 daily routine
讨论 to discuss/discussion
to ring
起床 get up
站起 stand up
坐下 sit down
洗澡 bathe
洗脸 wash face
洗头 wash hair
梳头 comb hair
穿衣 get dressed
刷牙 brush teeth
擦干 dry off
化妆 makeup
上床睡觉 go to bed
跳舞 dancing
穿鞋 put on shoes
吹头发 dry hair
在雪地玩 have fun in the snow
照镜子 watch/face the mirror
闹钟 alarm
洗发液 shampoo
护发素 conditioner
刷子 brush
梳子 comb
毛巾 towel
化妆品 cosmetic
牙刷 toothbrush
牙膏 toothpaste
牙齿 teeth
吹风机 hair dryer
肥皂 soap
镜子 mirror
知识 knowledge
measure word
measure word
measure word
measure word
每天闹钟响时他就起床。 When the alarm clock rings, he gets up.
起床后,黄忠就洗澡。 After getting up, Huangzhong begins to bath.
我们一边吃饭,一边聊天。 We eat while talking at the same time.
你几点起床? When do you get up?
我常常六点起床。 I always get up at 6 o'clock.
你几点上床睡觉? When do you go to bed?
我一般十点上床睡觉。 Usually I go to bed at 10 o'clock.
你几点洗澡? When do you take a bath?
我六点三刻洗澡。 I take a bath at 6:45.
你几点跳舞? When do you dance?
我星期六七点开始跳舞。 I begin to dance at seven on Saturdays.
Created by: jenxu