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C2, S1, Body

Chinese 2, Semester 1, Body- Wisconsin Virtual School

身体 body
眼睛 eye
肩膀 shoulder
耳朵 ear
鼻子 nose
手臂 arm
人体 human baby
前额 forehead
嘴巴 mouth
牙齿 tooth
嘴唇 lip
脖子 neck
手指 finger
膝盖 knee
脚趾 toe
举重 weight lifting
喉咙 throat
pain, ache
生病 get sick
看医生 visit a doctor
一次 once
经历 experience
感觉 feel
舒服 comfortable
发烧 get a fever
检查 check
打针 injection
咳嗽 cough
感冒 catch a cold
打喷嚏 sneeze
流鼻涕 runny nose
上石膏 plaster, get a cast
写处方 write a prescription
我今天感觉不太舒服。我发烧了。 I'm not feeling well today. I got a fever.
我去医院,医生给我做检查。 I went to the hospital. The doctor checked me.
医生对我说:“你病得不轻,需要打针和吃药。” The doctor said to me, "You are really sick. You will need an injection and to take medicine."
打完针后,我回到家,在床上躺了两天,感觉好多了。 After the injection, I came back home, stayed in bed for two days, and feel a lot better.
我说中文。 I speak Chinese.
昨天我说中文。 Yesterday, I spoke Chinese.
我说了中文。 I spoke Chinese.
我说过中文。 I spoke Chinese.
你今天感觉怎么样? How do you feel today?
我感觉很好(还好,不好,很不好...)。 I'm feeling very good. (good, not good, very bad...)
你看了五个小时的电视,感觉怎么样? You have watched TV for 5 hours. How do you feel?
我眼睛疼。 My eyes hurt.
昨天你跳舞了吗? Did you dance yesterday?
是的,我跳舞了。(不,我没有跳舞。) Yes I danced. (No, I didn't dance.)
各部分 parts
give to
礼物 present
准备 prepare
字典 dictionary
measure word
计算机 computer
我自己 myself
明信片 postcard
区别 difference
already (past tense)
一把 one (measure word)
火车 train
欧洲 Europe
单词 vocabulary
竖起来 stand up
萝卜 radish
青菜 green vegetables
可爱 lovely/cute
摔到了 fell
休息 rest
巧克力 chocolate
现在 right now
不能 cannot
糖果 candy
Created by: jenxu
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