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C2, S1, Hobbies

Chinese 2, Semester 1, Hobbies- Wisconsin Virtual School

业余爱好 hobby
娱乐 past time/recreation
空闲 free time
对话 conversation
积木 blocks
年轻人 young people
旅游 traveling
不过 however
钓鱼 fishing
芭蕾舞 ballet
过山车 roller coaster
吹笛子 play flute
集邮 collect stamps
划船 to row a boat
爬山 to climb mountains
打猎 to hunt
驾驶帆船 to sail a boat
野营 to encamp
冲浪 to surf
打鼓 to play the drum
打网球 to play tennis
弹钢琴 to play piano
打高尔夫 to play golf
滑雪 to ski
着迷 fascinate
对...着迷 be fascinated by
兴趣 interest
对...感兴趣 be interested by
讨厌 disgust
帐篷 tent
睡袋 sleeping bag
木柴 firewood
火柴 match
旅行箱 suitcase
护照 passport
冲浪板 surfboard
帆船 sailboat
野外 outside
便宜 cheap
unit of currency
乏味 boring
同意 agree
观点 opinion
鱼竿 fishing rod
他们喜欢在空闲时做什么? What do they like to do when they have free time?
他们非常喜欢游泳。 They like swimming very much.
你喜欢在空闲时做什么? What do you like to do when you have free time?
我喜欢和朋友在一起。 I like to be with my friends.
你们喜欢在空闲时做什么? What do you like to do when you have free time?
我们喜欢散步。 We like walking.
你喜欢什么体育运动? Which sport do you like?
我喜欢打橄榄球。 I like playing football.
你最喜欢哪一种娱乐? What's your favorite past time?
虽然不是我最喜欢的娱乐,不过我喜欢休息而不是学习。 Though it's not my favorite past time, I like resting, not studying.
你喜欢哪一种娱乐? Which past time do you like?
我喜欢打排球。 I like playing volleyball.
为了野营,我需要帐篷、睡袋、木柴和火柴。 In order to encamp, I need a tent, sleeping bag, firewood and matches.
网球没有橄榄球有趣。 Tennis is less interesting than football.
钓鱼比划船好玩。 Fishing is more amusing than rowing a boat.
集邮比打棒球好。 Collecting stamps is better than playing baseball.
弹钢琴没有打鼓容易。 Playing the piano is not as easy as playing drums.
骑自行车没有骑马危险。 Riding a bike is not as dangerous as riding a horse.
你想和我们一起打吗? Do you want to play it with us?
我学习英语和中文。 I learn English and Chinese.
我学习它们。 I learn them.
我在网球场练习网球。 I play tennis on the tennis court.
这些蝴蝶很漂亮。 These butterflies are pretty.
这些更漂亮。 These are prettier.
这些蝴蝶是所有蝴蝶中最漂亮的。 These butterflies are the prettiest of all the butterflies.
我将要去打网球。 I'm going to play tennis.
我可以用我的鱼竿钓鱼. I can fish with my fishing rod.
有趣 interesting
好玩 amusing
容易 easy
危险 dangerous
练习 practice
吉他 guitar
篮球 basketball
橄榄球 football
足球 soccer
篮球 basketball
体育馆 sports center
游泳池 swimming pool
棒球 baseball
自行车 bike
排球 volleyball
以及 also
到野外 go outside
就会 just will
离家 leave home
湖边 lake side
必需的东西 needed things
重要 important
如果 if
这些 these
问题 problem
总是 always
许多 many
其他 other
体育用品 sports equipment
时间 time
进行 to do/doing
even more
手套 glove
球棒 baseball bat
球拍 racket
不能 cannot
很久 long time
度过 spend
接下来 the following
并且 and/also
看到 see
比较句 comparison sentences
漂亮 pretty/beautiful
所有 all
块钱 dollars
绿 green
语言 language
将要 will/going to
动物 animal
经常 quite often
有时候 sometimes/at times
农村 farm/country
但总 but there's always
感到 to think
原因 reason
家务 chores
相信 believe
可以 can
活动 activity
正在 am (present progressive)
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