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Ch 8-12 Latin

Ecce Romani I

ago, agere, egi, actus (verb) to do, drive
Age!/Agite! Come on!
alii...alii... some...others...
alius, alia, aliud another, other
area, -ae (f) open space, threshing-floor
baculum, -i (n) stick, staff
bonus, -a, -um good
Britannia, -ae (f) Britain
canis, canis (m/f) dog
celeriter (adv) quickly
celo, -are, -avi, -atus (verb) to hide
cista, -ae (f) trunk, chest
complexus, -us (m) embrace
complexu in an embrace
convoco, -are, -avi, -atus (verb) to call together
Cornelianus, -a, -um belonging to Cornelius
cras (adv) tomorrow
cubiculum, -i (n) room, bedroom
cum (prep + abl) with
deinde (adv) then, next
discedo, discedere, discessi, discessurus (verb) to go away, depart
dominus, -i (m) master, owner
eam her, it
effugio, effugere, effugi (verb) to flee, run away, escape
eo ipso tempore at that very moment
equus, -i (m) horse
excito, -are, -avi, -atus (verb) to rouse, wake (someone up)
exclamo, -are, -avi, -atus (verb) to exclaim, shout out
festino, -are, -avi, -atus (verb) to hurry
filia, -ae (f) daughter
filius, -i (m) son
fossa, -ae (f) ditch
frater, fratris (m) brother
frons, frontis, (gen pl), frontium (f) forehead
gero, gerere, gessi, gestus (verb) to wear
habeo, -ere, -ui, -itus (verb) to have, hold
hic (adv) here
hora, -ae (f) hour
iacio, iacere, ieci, iactus (verb) to throw
ianitor, ianitoris (m) doorkeeper
ianua, -ae (f) door
id quod that which, what
ille, illa, illud that, he, she, it, the former, that famous
immobilis, -is, -e motionless
impedio, -ire, -ivi, -itus (verb) to hinder, prevent
in itinere on a journey
incito, -are, -avi, -atus (verb) to spur on, urge on, drive
induo, induere, indui, indutus (verb) to put on
interea (adv) meanwhile
into, -are, -avi, -atus (verb) to enter, go into
inuro, inurere, inussi, inustus (verb) to brand
invenio, invenire, inveni, inventus (verb) to come upon, find
ira, -ae (f) anger
iter, itineris (n) journey
iterum (adv) again, a second time
iubeo, iubere, iussi, iussus (verb) to order, bid
lacrimo, -are, -avi, -atus (verb) to weep, cry
lacrimans weeping
latro, -are, -avi, -atus (verb) to bark
liberi, -orum (m) (pl) children
littera, -ae (f) letter (of the alphabet)
maneo, manere, mansi, mansus (verb) to remain, stay, wait, wait for
mecum with me
mihi for me, to me
miser, misera, miserum unhappy, miserable, wretched
mitto, mittere, misi, missus (verb) to send
musso, -are, -avi, -atus (verb) to mutter
nam (conj) for
narrator, narratoris (m) narrator
nemo, neminis (m/f) no one
nescio, -ire, -ivi, -itus (verb) to be ignorant, not to know
nobis for us, to us
nocte at night
Noli/Nolite + infin Don't...!
nos we, us
nox, noctis, (gen pl), noctium (f) night
ila nocte that night
nocte at night
nullus, -a, -um no, none
numerus, -i (m) number
o used with vocative and in exclamations
O me miseram! Poor me! Oh dear me!
olfacio, olfacere, olfeci, olfactus (verb) to catch the scent of, smell, sniff
palla, -ae (f) palla
paratus, -a, -um ready, prepared
parens,parentis (m/f) parent
plenus, -a, -um full
pono, ponere, posui, positus (irreg verb) to put, place
porta, -ae (f) gate
praetexta, toga, -ae (f) toga with purple border
promitto, promittere, promisi, promissus (verb) to promise
quamquam (conj) although
Quando...? (adv) When...?
Quibuscum...? With whom...?
quidam, quaedam, quoddam a certain
Quocum...? With whom...?
Quo instrumento...? With what instrument...? By what means...? How?
Quomodo...? (adv) In what manner...? In what way...? How...?
raeda, -ae (f) carriage
raedarius, -i (m) coachman, driver
rogo, -are, -avi, -atus (verb) to ask
scelestus, -a, -um wicked
se himself, herself, oneself, itself, themselves
secundus, -a, -um second
semissomnus, -a, -um half-asleep
simul (adv) together, at the same time
soleo, solere (+ infin) to be accustomed (to), be in the habit of
soror, sororis (f) sister
sto, stare, steti, staturus (verb) to stand
stola, -ae (f) stola (a woman's outer garment)
suus, -a, -um his, her, one's, its, their (own)
taceo, -ere, -ui, -itus (verb) to be quiet
Tace!/Tacete! Be quiet!
tacite (adv) silently
tempto, -are, -avi, -atus (verb) to try
eo ipso tempore at that very moment
teneo, tenere, tenui, tentus (verb) to hold
toga, -ae (f) toga
toga praetaetexta, -ae (f) toga with purple border
toga virilis, togae virilis (f) toga of manhood, plain white toga
tribus diebus in three days
tunica, -ae (f) tunic
tuus, -a, -um your (sing)
Ubi...? (adv) Where...?
Unde...? (adv) From where...?
uxor, uxoris (f) wife
Vale!/Valete! Goodbye!
verbero, -are, -avi, -atus (verb) to beat, whip
vestigium, -i (n) track, footprint, trace
via, -ae (f) road, street
Via Appia, -ae (f) the Appian Way
vilicus, -i (m) overseer, farm manager
vinea, -ae (f) vineyard
vos you
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