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IC 3 Lesson 5


学期 xuéqī - semester
学分 xuéfēn - academic credit
选课 select courses (xuǎn kè)
申请 shēn qǐng - application, to apply
录取 lù qǔ (to enroll; to admit)
主修 zhǔ xiū - major
专业 zhuānyè -major (in college); specialty
世界历史 shi jie li shi (world history)
政府 zhèng fǔ government
政治学 zhèng zhì xué - political science
地理 dì lǐ - geography
数学 shùxué -math
微积分 wēi jī fēn - calculus
物理 wù lǐ - physics
化学 huàxué - chemistry
经济 jīng jì - economy, economics
金融 jīnróng - finance; banking
法律 fǎ lǜ - law, legal
艺术 yìshù - art
外语 wài yǔ - foreign language
自习 zi xi - self study
体育 tǐ yù - PE
哲学 zhéxué (philosophy)
英语 yīngyǔ - English
文学 wénxué (literature)
荣誉 róng yù - honour, glory
对。。来说 duì...lái shuō--as to...; so far concerned
文章 wén zhāng - article, essay
受得了 shòu de liǎo- can endure, able to bear
受不了 shòu bu liǎo - unbearable, can't stand it
轻松 qīng sōng - gentle, relaxed
挑战 tiǎo zhàn - challenge,chanlenging
讨论 tǎo lùn - discuss
教授 jiàoshòu (professor)
意见 yì jiàn - idea; opinion; suggestion
正好 zhèng hǎo - coincidentally, it happens that
碰见 pèng jiàn - to bump into; to run into
另外 lìngwài -furthermore; in addition
děi -- must, to have to
毕业 bì yè - graduation, to finish school
学位 xuéwèi - (academic) degree
双学位 shuāng xuéwèi double major
解决 jiě jué to settle (a dispute); to resolve; to solve
niàn read aloud, study, attend school
本科 běn kē - undergraduate course
研究生 yán jiū shēng - graduate student
博士生 PhD student (bó shì shēng)
xì - department (of a college or university)
学院 (xuéyuàn) college; academy; institute
工学院 gōng xué yuàn--school of engineering
文学院 college of liberal arts (wén xué yuàn)
商学院 business school (shāng xué yuàn)
法学院 fǎxuéyuàn - law school
将来 jiāng lái - future
挣钱 zhèng qían - to earn money; to make money
数字 shù zì - number, figure
打交道 to deal with (dǎ jiāodào)
没意思 méi yì si - boring
差不多 chà bu duō - almost, nearly, just about right
父母 (fùmǔ) father and mother; parents
guǎn - to control, manage; to mind, to care about
shěng - province, to save
房租 fángzū - rent
饭钱 fànqián money for food
不过 búguò - however; but
自由 zìyóu - freedom, free
(huà) Word; speech
好处 hǎo chù -advantage, benefit
坏处 huàichu - harm; disadvantage
考虑 kǎo lǜ - to consider, think over
排名 páimíng Ranking
名牌大学 míngpáidàxué famous university
教育 jiào yù - education
公立 sī lì- public
私立 sī lì -private
Created by: xiaozhubanban
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