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Latin Midterm Vocab

Latin Midterm Vocabulary 2009/2010

saevus savage
adsum be present, arrive
volo, velle to want
quamquam although, however
scelus crime
neco, necare to kill
iubeo, iubere to order
haudquaquam not at all
arcesso, arcessere to summon
vereor, vereri be afraid, fear
occido, occidere
quidam one, a certain
interficio, interficere to kill
aula palace
vel or, even
quo modo how?, in what way?
subvenio, subvenire to help, to come to help
utor, uti to use
possum, posse can, be able
efficio, efficere to carry out, to accomplish
comprehendo, comprehendere to arrest, to seize
vullnero, vulnerare to wound, to injure
pugio dagger
patefacio, patefacere to reveal
propono, proponere to propose
constituo, constituere to decide, to place, to set up
fascia bandage
brachium arm
confideo, confidere to trust, to be confident
celo, celare to hide
comparo, comparare to obtain, to compare
soleo, solere to be accustomed
oro, orare to beg
addo, addere to add
resisto, resistere to resist
accido, accidere to happen
Created by: YellowDucks