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3º SS. UNIT 1.


1. Different Landscapes 1. Diferentes paisajes
Natural Natural
Mountain Montaña
Road Carretera
Lake Lago
Beach Playa
Man-made Artificial
Inland Interior
Far from Lejos de
Next to Cerca de
Flat Llanura
Volcanic eruptions Erupciones volcánicas
floods Inundaciones
Earthquake Terremotos
Fields campos
2. Inland Landscapes 2. Paisajes de interior
Landform Accidente geográfico
Peak Pico
Mountain Range Cordillera
Slope Ladera
Foot Pie
Narrow roads Carreteras estrechas
Hill Colina
Ravine Barranco
Valley Valle
Plain Llanura
Plateau Meseta
2. Coastal Landscapes 2. Paisajes de costa
Coast Costa
Headland Cabo
Bay Bahía
Port Puerto
Island isla
Archipelago archipiélago
Cliff Acantilado
Beach Playa
3. Damaging and protecting landscapes 3. Dañando y protegiendo paisajes
Wood Madera
Oil Petróleo
Under the ground Bajo el suelo
(to) Damage Dañar
(to) Extract Extraer
Coal Carbón
Electricity Electricidad
(to) Cut down Cortar / talar
Trees Árboles
Forest Bosque
(to) lose Perder
(to) Pollute Contaminar
health salud
Factories Fábricas
Rubbish Basura
Fire Fuego
(to) disturb Molestar
Created by: JoseMaria
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