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OGT Math

OGT Math general terms 65 cards JHS KS

Bias unfair or favoring a certain outcome
Central Angle Angle measured from the center
Lateral Face The upright pieces of the box or prism you are considering
"OF" means: times
Permutation A different ordering of the same terms
Postulate A fact that is used to make proofs
Equivalent Ratios Fractions that have the same quotient
Coefficient the number in front of the variable
Degree of the Equation the highest power of the variable
Horizontal axis the "X" or flat axis
Non Linear Function graph is a not a straight line
Vertical Axis the "Y" or up and down axis
Outlier A number that is more than 1.5 times the IQR
Median The middle number when the data is arranged in ascending or descending order
Mean the numerical average = total/ of items
Range The difference between the highest and lowest
IQR The interquartile range Q3 - Q1
Sample A portion of the population selected to represent the entire group
Population the entire group
Like Terms have the same variables and powers
Like Terms can be ____ combined (distr. prop)
Congruent Same size & shape
Similar same shape
Transversal a line that crosses parallel lines
Parallel lines in the same plane that do not intersect
Perpendicular intersect at a right or 90 degree angle
Isosceles at least two congruent sides
Regular all sides and all angles are congruent
equiangular all angles congruent
equilateral all sides are congruent
wu Tang
Soh Cah Toa sine is opp/hyp Cos is adj/hyp Tan is opp/adj
Major arc an arc greater than 180
1 mile 5280 feet
a paper clip is how wide 1 centimeter
a door is how high 1 meter
a paper clip has a mass of 1 gram
a gallon has ___ quarts 4
A pint is ____ cups 2 cups or 16 ounces
A ton is ____ pounds 2000 lbs
sine opp side/ hypotenuse
Acute angle less than 90
greater than 90 degrees Obtuse
Gratuity a tip - 15 to 20% of the total
Interest = ? prt
sales tax = ? total times tax rate
Irrational number non-terminating nonrepeating decimal - can not be written as a fraction
Numerator is the ___ number top number
denominator is the ___ number bottom number
Semicircle a half circle
complementary angles have a sum of 90
supplementary angles have a sum of 180
corresponding angles are in the same relative position
Vertical Angles are ___ opposite and congruent
A straight angle is ___ degrees 180
Angle Bisector divides angle into to congruent angles
trapezoid quadrilateral with 1 pr of parallel lines
rectangle quadrilateral with 4 right angles
prism 3d figure with two congruent bases that are parallel
quadrilateral 4-sided polygon
chord a segment or line that intersects the circle twice
a tangent line intersects a circle ___ times 1
translation moves the figure in the plane but results in the same shape and size
direct variation as one increases, so does the other (same behavior)
inverse variation as one increases, the other decreases (opposite behavior)
Created by: JHS