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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
OGT Science JHS a-i OGT Science terms 84 cards a - i all strands JHS ks Science 2009-12-26 JHS 83 0 edit
OGT Science JHS j-z OGT Science terms 80 cards j-z all strands JHS ks Science 2009-12-26 JHS 78 0 edit
OGT Science JHS a-z OGT Science terms 164 cards a-z All Strands JHS KS Science 2015-09-29 JHS 161 1 edit
OGT Soc JHS 36 terms OGT Soc Studies Citiznship Rights and Resp 36 terms JHS KS U.S. History 2009-12-26 JHS 35 0 edit
OGT Soc JHS 75 terms OGT Soc Studies All Strands 75 terms JHS KS U.S. History 2009-12-26 JHS 75 0 edit
OGT Science Phys JHS OGT Science Physical Science Strand 44 terms JHS KS Physical Science 2009-12-26 JHS 43 0 edit
OGT Math OGT Math general terms 65 cards JHS KS Math 2009-12-26 JHS 65 0 edit
OGT Sci Earth rev OGT Earth Science Review 88 cards Earth Science 2009-12-23 JHS 88 0 edit
OGT SS 66 cards JHS OGT Social Studies 66 General Cards Industrialization History 2009-12-24 JHS 65 0 edit
OGT SS Rights Resp OGT SS Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities 30 cards History 2009-12-24 JHS 29 0 edit
Math OGT Quick Tips OGT Math Last Minute Quick Tips from Jackson High School Math 2010-03-11 JHS 36 0 edit
OGT Permutations Com OGT Permutations and Combinations calculator 18 cards 3 slides (try targets) Math 2015-03-22 JHS 17 1 edit
OGT Math - Sampling OGT Math Sampling Data Analysis 16 cards Math 2010-03-16 JHS 16 0 edit
OGT Sci Notation OGT Math Scientific Notation TI-30XIIS Calculator 18cards 2 slides (try targets) Math 2010-03-17 JHS 18 0 edit
OGT Math Fractions OGT Math Fractions on the TI-30XIIS calculator JHS (try targets)18 cards 3 slide Math 2010-03-17 JHS 17 0 edit
OGT Math Num sets OGT Math Number sets JHS Math 2010-03-19 JHS 23 0 edit
OGT Num Sense -Arith OGT Math Number Sense C - Properties of Arithmetic JHS Unfinished 2010-03-19 JHS 19 0 edit
OGT Num sen H exp OGT Math Number Sense H exponents and roots19 cards 1 slide (play targets) JHS Math 2010-03-19 JHS 18 1 edit
OGT Math Meas Triang OGT Math Measurement D Triangles Math 2010-03-19 JHS 28 0 edit

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