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Wolohoh Mod 6 Test 2

Wolohon Mod 6 Test 2

Name the bones of the ear Malleus, Incus, Stapes
They HYOID bone: Provides an attachment for the tongue
The smallest most fragile bone of the face... Lacrimal bone
This is the first vertebra of the neck ATLAS
The vetebrae region that consists of 12 segments Thoracic
How many rib pairs are there? 12
Rib #11 and #12 are called... False ribs
Synatrosis articulations is a big word for... Immovable joints
A congenital defect where the oral/nasal cavities do no fuse: Cleft palate
The zig-zag line that crosses the skull horizontally Lamboidal suture
What is the region of the upper back vertebral column that has 12 segments? THORACIC
What is the first vertebra of the neck called? ATLAS
Is this the correct order of the vertebral column? Thoracic - Cervical - Lumbar - Sacral - Coccyx
How many ribs pairs connected to the sternum are 'true ribs?' 7
It's rapid! It's disorganized! It's Osteoclasts! It's..... Paget's disease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Osteomyelitis is caused by, Pathogenic organism
Side-to side curvature of the spine Scoliosis
Inflammation of the joints ARTHRITIS
Inflammation of the synovial sac BURSITIS
Ricketts is a deficiency of vitamin_____ D
Cartilage between the vertebrae ruptures: Herniated Disc
What is Osteosarcoma? bone malignancy
The sacrum is a large triangular bone : True or False? TRUE
The coccyx is the beaklike bone joined to the sacrum: True or False? TRUE
The coccyx is joined to the sacrum by a disc of fibrocartilage True or False? TRUE
The sacrum is inserted like a wedge between the transverse process and the spinous process True or False? FALSE
what is the weight supporting solid central portion of the vertebra? vertebral body
Created by: twolohon