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Cardura doxazosin alpha-1A blocker (BPH), antihypertensive n/s
Fioricet butalbital/APAP/caffeine analgesic (barbiturate/analgesic) n/s
Fiorinal butalbital/ASA/caffeine analgesic (barbiturate/salicylate) CIII
Tylenol #3 acetaminophen/codeine analgesic (narcotic) CIII
Tylenol #4 acetaminophen/codeine analgesic (narcotic) CIII
Lortab hydrocodone/APAP analgesic (narcotic) CIII
Oxycontin oxycodone ER analgesic (narcotic) CII
Percocet oxycodone/APAP analgesic (narcotic) CII
Darvocet-N propxyphene/APAP analgesic (narcotic) CIV
Duragesic fentanyl analgesic (narcotic) CII
Ultracet tramadol/APAP analgesic (non-narcotic) n/s
Ultram tramadol analgesic (non-narcotic) n/s
Lyrica pregablin analgesic (non-narcotic), anticonvulsant (alpha-2 delta ligand) CV
Aricept donepezil anti-Alzheimer's dementia agent (acetylcholinesterase inhibitor) n/s
Buspar buspirone anti-anxiety (azaspirone) n/s
Xanax alprazolam anti-anxiety (benzodiazepine) CIV
Klonopin clonazepam anti-anxiety (benzodiazepine) CIV
Valium diazepam anti-anxiety (benzodiazepine) CIV
Ativan lorazepam anti-anxiety (benzodiazepine) CIV
Restoril temazepam anti-anxiety (benzodiazepine) CIV
Bactroban mupirocin antibacterial n/s
Flagyl metronidazole antibacterial (nitroimidazole) n/s
Omnicef cefdinir antibiotic(cephalosporin) n/s
Keflex cephalexin antibiotic(cephalosporin) n/s
Cleocin clindamycin antibiotic(lincosamide) n/s
Zithromax azithromycin antibiotic (macrolide) n/s
Augmentin amoxicillin/clavulanate antibiotic (penicillin) n/s
Amoxil amoxicillin antibiotic (penicillin) n/s
Pen VK penicillin VK antibiotic (penicillin) n/s
Cipro ciprofloxacin antibiotic (quinolone) n/s
Levaquin levofloxacin antibiotic (quinolone) n/s
Avelox moxifloxacin antibiotic (quinolone) n/s
Bactrim sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim antiobiotic (sulfonamide) n/s
Vibramycin doxycycline antibiotic (tetracycline) n/s
Minocin minocycline antibiotic (tetracycline) n/s
Sumycin tetracycline HCL antibiotic (tetracycline) n/s
Macrobid nitrofurantoin antibiotic (urinary tract) n/s
Coumadin warfarin anticoagulant n/s
Depakote (ER) divalproex anticonvulsant n/s
Neurontin gabapentin anticonvulsant n/s
Lamictal lamotrigine anticonvulsant n/s
Wellbutrin SR, Budeprion SR (BID) buproprion SR antidepressant n/s
Wellbutrin XL, Budeprion XL (qD) buproprion ER antidepressant n/s
Cymbalta duloxetine antidepressant (SNRI) n/s
Effexor XR venlafaxine antidepressant (SNRI) n/s
Celexa citalopram antidepressant (SNRI) n/s
Lexapro escitalopram antidepressant (SSRI) n/s
Prozac fluoxetine antidepressant (SSRI) n/s
Paxil paroxetine antidepressant (SSRI) n/s
Zoloft sertaline antidepressant (SSRI) n/s
Zoloft sertaline antidepressant (SSRI) n/s
Desyrel trazadone antidepressant (SSRI) n/s
Remeron mirtazapine antidepressant (tertracylic) n/s
Elavil amitriptyline antidepressant (tricylic) n/s
Glucophage metformin (ER) antidiabetic (biguanide) n/s
Lantus insulin insulin glargine antidiabetic (insulin) n/s
Amaryl glimepiride antidiabetic (sulfonylurea) n/s
Glucotrol (XL) glipizide (ER) antidiabetic (sulfonylurea) n/s
Diabeta glyburide antidiabetic (sulfonylurea) n/s
Glucovance glyburide/metformin antidiabetic (sulfonylurea/biguanide) n/s
Actos pioglitazone antidiabetic (thiazolidinedione) n/s
Avandia rosiglitazone antidiabetic (thiazolidinedione) n/s
Reglan metoclopramide antiemetic n/s
Diflucan fluconazole antifungal n/s
Xalatan latanoprost antiglaucoma n/s
Zyloprim alloprinol anti-gout n/s
Zyrtec cetirizine antihistamine n/s
Allegra fexofenadine antihistamine n/s
Vistaril hydroxyzine pamoate antihistamine n/s
Atarax hydroxysine HCL antihistamine n/s
Antivert meclizine antihistamine n/s
Phenergan promethazine antihistamine/antiemetic n/s
Phenergan/Codeine promethazine antihistamine/antitussice CV
Allegra D fexofenadine/pseudoephedrine antihistamine/sympathomimetic CV
Tricor fenofibrate antihyperlipidimic (fibrate) n/s
Crestor rosuvastatin antihyperlipidimic (HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor) n/s
Lipitor atorvastatin antihyperlipidimic (HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor) n/s
Mevacor lovastatin antihyperlipidimic (HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor) n/s
Pravachol pravastatin antihyperlipidimic (HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor) n/s
Zocor simvastatin antihyperlipidimic (HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor) n/s
Zetia ezetimibe antihyperlipidimic (2-azetidinone) n/s
Vytorin simvastatin/ezetimibe antihyperlipidimic (HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor/2-azetidinone) n/s
Lopid gemfibrozil antihyperlipidimic (isobutyric acid derivative) n/s
Niaspan niacin antihyperlipidimic (nicotine acid derivative) n/s
Lotensin benazepril antihypertensive (ACE inhibitor) n/s
Vasotec enalapril antihypertensive (ACE inhibitor) n/s
Prinivil lisinopril antihypertensive (ACE inhibitor) n/s
Accupril quinapril antihypertensive (ACE inhibitor) n/s
Altace ramipril antihypertensive (ACE inhibitor) n/s
Prinzide linsinopril/HCTZ antihypertensive (ACE inhibitor/thiazide diuretic) n/s
Lotrel benazepril/amlodipine antihypertensive (ACE inhibitor/CCB) n/s
Avapro irbesartan antihypertensive (angiotensin-receptor blocker, ARB) n/s
Cozaar lorasrtan antihypertensive (angiotensin-receptor blocker, ARB) n/s
Benicar olmesartan antihypertensive (angiotensin-receptor blocker, ARB) n/s
Diovan valsartan antihypertensive (angiotensin-receptor blocker, ARB) n/s
Avalide irbesartan/HCTZ antihypertensive (ARB/thiazide diuretic) n/s
Hyzaar losartan/HCTZ antihypertensive (ARB/thiazide diuretic) n/s
Benicar HCT olmesartan/HCTZ antihypertensive (ARB/thiazide diuretic) n/s
Diovan valsartan/HCTZ antihypertensive (ARB/thiazide diuretic) n/s
Tenormin atenolol antihypertensive (Beta-blocker) n/s
Coreg carvedilol antihypertensive (Beta-blocker) n/s
Toprol XL metoprolol succinate antihypertensive (Beta-blocker) n/s
Lopressor metoprolol tartrate antihypertensive (Beta-blocker) n/s
Inderal (LA) propranolol antihypertensive (Beta-blocker) n/s
Ziac bisoprolol/HCTZ antihypertensive (Beta-blocker/loop diuretic) n/s
Norvasc amlodipine antihypertensive (Calcium channel blocker, CCB) n/s
Cardizem diltiazem antihypertensive (Calcium channel blocker, CCB) n/s
Plendil felodipine antihypertensive (Calcium channel blocker, CCB) n/s
Procardia XL nifedipine antihypertensive (Calcium channel blocker, CCB) n/s
Calan SR verapamil SR antihypertensive (Calcium channel blocker, CCB) n/s
Catapres clonidine antihypertensive (central alpha agonist) n/s
Rhermatrex methotrexate antimetabolite n/s
Requip ropinirole anti-Parkinson/RLS agent n/s
Plavix clopidogrel antiplatlet agent n/s
Abilify apripiprazole antipsychotic n/s
Zyprexa olanzapine antipsychotic n/s
Seroquel quetiapine antipsychotic n/s
Risperdal risperidone antipsychotic n/s
Ditropan (XL) oxybutynin (ER) antispasmodic/anticholinergic n/s
Detrol LA tolterodine antispasmodic/anticholinergic n/s
Zovirax acyclovir antiviral n/s
Valtrex valaciclovir antiviral n/s
Fosamax alendronate biophophonate (osteoporosis) n/s
Boniva ibandronate biophophonate (osteoporosis) n/s
Evista raloxifene biophophonate (osteoporosis) n/s
Actonel risedronate biophophonate (osteoporosis) n/s
Spriva Handihaler tiotropium bronchodilaltor n/s
ProAir HFA, Proventil HFA albuterol bronchodilaltor n/s
Proventil aluterol bronchodilaltor n/s
Combivent albuterol/ipratropium bronchodilaltor n/s
Advair Diskus HFA fluticasone/salmetrol bronchodilaltor n/s
Singular montelukast bronchodilaltor n/s
Digitek digoxin cardiac glycoside n/s
Adderall XR amphetamine salt CNS stimulant CII
Concerta methylphenidate CNS stimulant CII
Adipex-P phentermine CNS stimulant CIV
Trinessa-28, Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo norgestimate/ethinyl estradiol contraceptive n/s
Yasmin, Yaz drospirenone/ethinyl estradiol contraceptive n/s
NuvaRing etonogestrel/ ethinyl estradiol contraceptive n/s
Flonase, Flovent fluticasone corticosteriod n/s
Nasonex mometasone corticosteriod n/s
Nasacort AQ triamcinolone corticosteriod n/s
Medrol methylprednisolone corticosteriod n/s
Deltasone predisone corticosteriod n/s
Aristocort, Kenalog triamcinolone corticosteriod n/s
Lotrisone clotrimazole/betamethasone corticosteriod n/s
Bumex bumetanide diuretic (loop) n/s
Demadex torsemide diuretic (loop) n/s
Lasix furosemide diuretic (loop) n/s
Aldactone spironolactone diuretic (potassium-sparing) n/s
HydroDiuril, HCTZ hydrochorothiazide diuretic (thiazide) n/s
Dyazide, Maxzide triamterene diuretic (potassium-sparing/thiazide) n/s
Zantac ranitidine H2 antagonist n/s
Axid nizatidine H2 antagonist n/s
Pepcid famotidine H2 antagonist n/s
Tagamet cimetidine H2 antagonist n/s
Premarin conjugated estrogens hormone replacement n/s
Estrace estradiol hormone replacement n/s
Synthriod, Levoxyl, Levothroid levothroxine hormone replacement (thyroid) n/s
Lunesta eszopiclone hypnotic CIV
Ambien zolpidem hypnotic CIV
Glycolax, Miralax polytheylene laxative (osmotic) n/s
Feosol, Slow Fe ferrous sulfate mineral (iron) n/s
Zanaflex tizanidine muscle relaxant n/s
Soma carisopridol muscle relaxant n/s
Skelaxin metaxlone muscle relaxant n/s
Flexeril cyclobenzaprine muscle relaxant n/s
Chantix varenicline nicotine receptor agonist n/s
Motrin ibuprofen NSAID n/s
Mobic meloxicam NSAID n/s
Relafen nabumeton NSAID n/s
Naprosyn naproxen NSAID n/s
Voltaren diclofenac sodium NSAID n/s
Celebrex celecoxib NSAID, cox-2 n/s
Bayer aspirin NSAID n/s
Viagra sildenafil phosphodiesterase- 5 inhibitor n/s
Cialis tadalafil phosphodiesterase- 5 inhibitor n/s
Nexium esomprazole proton pump inhibitor n/s
Prevacid lansoprazole proton pump inhibitor n/s
Prilosec omeprazole proton pump inhibitor n/s
Protonix pantoprazole proton pump inhibitor n/s
AcipHex rabeprazole proton pump inhibitor n/s
Imitrex sumatriptan serotonin receptor agonist n/s
Zomig zolmitriptan serotonin receptor agonist n/s
K-Dur, Klor-Con potassium chloride supplement (electrolyte) n/s
Imdur isosorbide mononitrate vasodilator n/s
Folacin, Folvite, Vitamin B9 folic acid vitamin n/s
Retrovir zidovudine HIV antiviral n/s
Combivir zidovudine/lamivudine antiviral n/s
Symmetrel amantadine antiviral n/s
Videx didanosine HIV antiviral n/s
Hivid, DDC zalcitabine HIV antiviral n/s
3TC, Zeffix, Heptovir, Epivir lamivudine HIV antiviral n/s
MTX, Rheumatrex methotrexate antineoplastic n/s
Avastin bevacizumab antineoplastic n/s
Herceptin trastuzumad antineoplastic n/s
Taxotere docetaxel antineoplastic n/s
Novaldex tamoxifen hormone therapy n/s
Procrit epoetin alfa antianemic agent n/s
Taxol, Onxal paclitaxel antineoplastic n/s
Femara letrozole hormone therapy n/s
Platinol, CDDP cisplatin antineoplastic n/s
Oncovin, Vincasar, VCR vincristine antineoplastic n/s
Decadron dexamethasone antineoplastic(glucocorticosteroid) n/s
Adrucil, 5-fluorouracil, 5-FU flurouracil antineoplastic n/s
Megace megestrol hormone therapy n/s
PEG-Intron, Interferon, Alfa-2b PEG interferon biological response modifier n/s
Thalmomid thalidomide immunomodulatory/ antiangiogenic agent n/s
Flomax tamsulosin alpha-1A blocker (BPH) n/s
Hytrin terazosin alpha-1A blocker (BPH), antihypertensive n/s
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