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Thanksgiving Science

3.5 Approximate amount of hours it would take to bake an average sized turkey
6 Number of different species of wild turkeys in North America
16 Average weight (in pounds) of a purchased turkey
25 Maximum speed a turkey can run
55 Top speed a turkey can reach in flight
88 Percent of Americans that eat turkey on Thanksgiving
Abe Lincoln The president that declared Thanksgiving a national day
Ben Franklin He wanted the turkey to be the national bird.
Calories Taking in too many of these is what makes you so tired after your Thanksgiving meal; not necessarily the turkey you eat
Carbohydrates Starches and sugars present in many foods at our Thanksgiving meal
Cat Vertebrate classified as a feline that might enjoy leftovers
Cool Whip Colloid created by mixing cream
Cowboys The Lions and this team always toss around oblong brown leather projectiles on Thanksgiving day.
Dog Vertebrate classified as a canine that might enjoy leftovers
Feathers Wild turkeys have between 5000-6000 of these
Flock A group of domestic turkeys
Flock Group of domesticated turkeys
George H.W. Bush The first president to pardon a turkey.
Gizzard Body part used in a turkey to grind up food
Hen Term for an adult female turkey
Human Vertebrates classified as a placental mammals that enjoy getting together for the holiday
Jake A young male turkey; also called a tom or gobbler
Jake Young male turkey;also called a tom
Jenny A young female turkey; also called a hen
Jenny Young female turkey; also called a hen
Minnesota This state raises the most turkeys in the USA; also known as the land of 10
New York City Place where the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade takes place
Plumbers The day after Thanksgiving is the busiest day for this profession.
Poult A baby turkey
Pumpkin Type of pie that is often served at Thanksgiving; Morton
Question Mark (or J) Shape of a male turkey's scat
Rafter A group of wild turkeys
Roost To perch or settle
Scared A turkey's wattle will turn blue if it is this
Sick A turkey's wattle will turn a light color if it is this
Snood Flap of skin that hangs over the turkey's beak
Spiral Shape of a female turkey's scat
Strutting Male turkeys do this to attract a mate; fluff out the tail feathers and puff out the chest to look bigger
Sweet Potato This plant is often called a yam
Teeth Turkeys do not have these to help them chew up food
Tom Term for an adult male turkey
Turduckin Made from a turkey
Turkey Neil Armstrong's first meal in space after walking on the moon
Wattle Skin around a turkey's neck
Wisconsin This state grows the most cranberries; also known for making cheese.
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