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Collaborative Review

cognition the capacity to tell right from wrong
irresistable impulse test taking a mental disease or defect and not being able to bring actions into what they know as right or wrong
right and test McNaugton
product of mental illness test Durham
substantial capacity test mpc test
waiver to adult criminal court when juvenile court gives up jurisdiction over the case and sends it to adult criminal court
objective test of entrapment if the intent to commit the crime orginiates with the defendant
complicity when you can be criminally liable for someone ele's conduct
forfeited perssonal identity theory when choose to participate in a crime you forfeit your right to be treated as an individual
accomplices participants before and during the crime
accessory participants before the crime
pinkon rule crime of comspriacy and the crime conspirators agree to commit are seperate offenses
resondeat superior doctraine that makes a master liable for the wrong of a servant
inchoate crimes from the latin"to begin" having the mens rea and actus reus but doesnt complete the crime
attempt mens rea specific intent to commit the crime
attempt actus reus taking the steps towards committing a crime
res ipsa loquter act speaks for itself
conspiracy crime of agreeing with one or more perosns to commit a crime
rico act imposes enhanced penalties for all types of organized criminal behavior from simple political crime to mafia-like behavior
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