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Pathology/ Mortuary

Pathology for mortuary science

What does the word pathology mean? Study of suffering
A disease that can passed on from one person to another? Communicable Disease
Number of cases of disease present in a specific population at a given time? Prevalence
Any abnormal structure or function of the human body Pathology
A disease that occur occasionally? Sporadic
Black lung disease is what kind of a disease? Coal Miner/ Occupational disease
The death of a normal cell? Necrosis
Change observable with unaided eye Gross Pathology
Study of tissue/organs removed during surgical operation Surgical Pathology
Study to determine whether death was from illegal cause (Forensic Pathology) Medico-Legal Pathology
Abnormal structure or function Disease
Study of tissue and organs removed from the body Pathological Anatomy (Morbid Anatomy)
The Importance of an Autopsy as a Tool in the advancement of Medical Science to? 1. Confirm medical diagnosis2. Advance medical knowledge and research3. Assist in medico-legal cases4. Amplify or reject the clinical diagnosis
Tissue change from disease Lesion
Prediction of progress of a disease Prognosis
Subjective manifestations of a disease given by patient Symptoms
Objective manifestation of a disease given by examiner Sign
Sudden increase in severity Exacerbation
Abatement in severity Remission
Present at birth; may be genetic (trisomy 21, where the problem occurs) Congenital Disease
Contracted after birth Acquired Disease
Repeating disease Recurrent Disease
Unknown origin Idiopathic Disease
Swift onset, rapid course Acute Disease
Slow evolution (stays with you Chronic Disease
Something (nutrient) not received in adequate quantity Deficiency Disease
Genetic, chromosomal, congential Hereditary Disease
Constantly present in community Endemic Disease
Attacks many people in a short time (flu) Epidemic Disease
Concurrent epidemic in many countries (AIDS Pandemic Disease
Concurrent epidemic in many countries (AIDS Pandemic Disease
Occurs occasionally Sporadic Disease
From microbe entering body Infectious Disease
Abnormal immune reaction Allergies
Producing fever Febrile Disease
Job related Occupational Disease
From chemicals (poisons) . Intoxications
The cause of Disease Etiology -
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