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Terrorism unit

Global relations

What is the definition of terrorism Premeditated, politaically motivated violence perpatrated against non combat targets by sub-national groups usually intended to influence an auidence.
what are the types of terorism nationalists, religious, state sponsered, enviornmental, animal rights, cyberterrorism.
Terrotist methods bombing, assanations, kidnapping, hijacking, computer, WMD, torture, murder, war cromes.
what is the escalation theory that the media impacts the terrorist groups immensily
What does it take to be terrorist dedication, bravery, void of emotions and intellgence.
what is counter terrorism efforts to prevent terrorism by gathering intellegence and increasing security.
what are the us values on the "titer totter"? civial liberies, or 1st and 4th amendment
what are the us interests on the TT national issues or counter terrorism
what are some national issues? torture, domestic, targeted killings and rendition
what is nonproliferation the attempt to stop the making of neuclear weapons by means of multilateral soft power.
what is counter proliferation the idea is that the main problem isnt the weapons its the bad regimes with the weapons. fixed with unilateral hard power.
when are neuclear weapons a MEAN to fight war counter proliferation
when is neuclear weapons a last resort nonproliferatoin
what are the types of WMDS biological, chemical, nueclear, and radiological.
what is CWC chemical weapons convention where they banned prducton of neucs and stockpilling
what isBWC banned all bio weapons.
Mujahiadeen Freedom fighters
Zealot Jews that targeted Romans in Judea
Thug Hindus who strangled for the godess kali
Assassins Muslims who hunted down christians during crusades
Jihad The struggle
Wahhabism Believing in cleansing Islam
Sunnis Largest branch of Islam
Sharia Gods Law
Shia *Second largest group *Believe direct descendant should be in charge
Jahiliyya Anyone who does not follow the quran
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