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NUR136 Caregiving

Test 5 Caregiving & Family Dynamics

Grandparents as parents Parents are: deceased, prision, substance use, mentally ill
Dept of Veterans Affairs Provides benefit of respite care each year for certain number of days.
Structural Assessment Who is in your family?• Does anyone else live with you?• Has anyone moved out recently?• Is there anyone you think of as family who does not live with you?
Development Assessment When you review your life, what aspects did you enjoy the most? What aspects generate the most regret? As your health is declining, what plans have you made for your care or that of others in your family who are in ill health?
Functional Assessment • Whose role is it to see that Granddad takes his medicine?• Whose turn is it to bathe Granddad?• Why is Jimmy not helping to take care of Granddad?• How can we get Jimmy to help with the caretaking?
Adult Child Living Arrangements plan ahead, include everyone, find important information; community resources
Dementia Client Interventions Alert systems to the outside doors. Bedroom door alert for night wandering Address driving – to know that freedom isn’t gone. No unsupervised stove use.
Wandering Boredom; ensuring the environment is safe for wandering, informing and educating others about this problem, ensuring the patient has an ID bracelet, frequently check, trigger the wandering, diverting his attention, maintaining a regular activity program
Report elder abuse Always report to nursing supervisor. provide counseling to client if they have rights and refuse to report - still need to report situation to nursing sup. if incompetency establish guardianship.
Prepare family for changes classes, teaching the family, assessment of family, recommendations and referrals
Positive Family Dynamics Box 3-1 Giddens pg 27
Negative Family Dynamics Box 3-1 Giddens pg 27
Later in life development tasks satisfying living arrangement, adjust to lower income, marital relationship, adjust to loss of spouse, intergenerational family ties, make sense of one's existence
Nursing Interventions to prevent caregiving frustration Linton pg 52 - 53 Prevent/manage crises, prescribed regimens, manage symptoms, reorder time, adjust to illness changes, prevent social isolation, normalize social interactions as much as possible
Created by: susan.martin
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