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Cook Chapter7

What disease causes abnormal conditions that affect the heart and lungs? Cardiovascular Disease
What is the most common type of cardiovascular disease? coronary heart disease
what is a condition in which the heart stops beating? cardiac arrest
a victem who has no signs of life is said to be what? clinically dead
what machine is used to restore a persons heart beat? defibrillator
heart attacks are caused by obstruction in what? coronary arteries
what is the second link in the cardiac chain of survival? early cpr
What are the emergency action steps Check Call Care
what is the medication taken by people with angina? Nitroglycerin
Wha tis the condition called when a victem of cardiac arrest does not show signals? sudden death
When can you stop CPR? The scene become unsafe
What is the first step the an AED Turn it on
What is the condition called when all electrical activity ceases asystole
What condition is caused when fatty deposits of cholesterol and material build up? athersclerosis
What is the combination or rescue breaths and chest compressions? cardiopulmonary resuscitation
the conditions or behaviors that increase the chance a person will develope disease risk factors
What is chest pain that comes and goes at different times? angina pectoris
what do you do if victem shows sign of life? closely watch ABCs
how many copressions do you do? 100 per minute
each minute defibrillation is delayed chance of servival reduces how much? 10%
The hearts electrical system contols what? Its pumping
What is the condition when someone gets too cold hypothermia
Created by: chelseacook