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ch.7 cardiac emerg.

cardiac emergencies& uconcious choking

what are the links in the cardiac chain of survival? early access, early CPR, early defibrillation, early advanced care
what are some signals of a heart attack? grabbing at the chest or arms, trouble breathing, and profuse sweating
wat is Angina Pectoris? when the heart is not receiving enough oxygen
what muscular organ circulates blood throughout the body? the heart
what fatty substance builds up on the inner walls of the arteries? cholesterol
what blood vessels supply the heart with oxygen? coronary arteries
wat is the acronym for adult CPR? A=access C=CPR D=defibrillation A=advanced care
what is the acronym for child CPR? P=prevention C=CPR A=access 911 A=advanced care
what is the care for a heart attack? check, call, and care
what does it mean when someone goes asystole? this is a condition where the heart has stopped generating electrical activity
what is V-fib? an abnormal heart rhythym characterized by disorganized electrical activity; which is when the ventricles quiver
what are risk factors? conditions or behaviors that increase the chance that person will develop a disease
what is atherosclerosis? a condition in which fatty deposits build up on the walls of the arteries
what is V-tach? an abnormal heart rythym characterized by rapid contractions of the ventricles
how can you tell when a person's heart is beating? victim is breathing, is conscious, and is showing other signs of life
what is the purpose of CPR? to supply vital organs with blood containing oxygen, to keep the victims airway open, and to identify immediate threats of life
CPR temporarily takes over which two body systems? respiratory and circulatory
what is the first step in helping a person who is having a heart attack? call 911 or the local emergency number
what does AED stand for? automated external defibrillator
what is the first step when using an AED? turn it on
Created by: sabrina kalene