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HC Sports

Mandarin Hello Chinese Sports

篮球 Lán qiú basketball
网球 Wǎng qiú tennis
羽毛球 Yǔ máo qiú badminton
Bàng stick, club
Qiú ball
羽毛 Yǔ máo feather
Máo hair, fur
Lán basket
Wǎng net
打篮球 Dǎ lán qiú play basketball
play, hit
喜欢 Xǐ huān like
打网球 Dǎ wǎng qiú play tennis
Huì know how, can
会说中文 Huì shuō zhōng wén can speak Chinese
中文 Zhōng wén Chinese
Shuō speak
足球 Zú qiú soccer
游泳 Yóu yǒng to swim
跑步 Pǎo bù jog, run
每天 Měi tiān every day
吧? Ba correct?
踢足球 Tī zú qiú play soccer
kick (play)
ride (a bike, horse)
自行车 Zì xíng chē bicycle
骑自行车 Qí zì xíng chē ride a bicycle
Chē vehicle
from, since, self
Xíng do, travel
自行 Zì xíng by oneself
Kuài fast
Màn slow
筷子 Kuài zi chopsticks
De (connects V to Adj)
骑得慢 Qí de màn riding slowly
Hěn very
骑得很快 Qí de hěn kuài riding very fast
摩托车 Mó tuō chē motorcycle
Zhēn really (very)
骑得真慢 Qí de zhēn màn riding really slowly
非常 Fēi cháng extremely
Hǎo good
Chà poor, bad
打棒球 Dǎ bàng qiú play baseball
棒球 Bàng qiú baseball
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