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TEST 1 Geography

Basic Geography Skills

Revolution Each year, the Earth makes one _______________________ around the sun.
Projection Any method of putting the round 3D Earth onto a flat map is called a map _________.
Grid Latitude and longitude lines are drawn on a map to create a _________ used to find absolute location.
Region Geographers would define an area that shares an unifying trait or a common climate as a _____________ which is a Theme of Geography.
Erosion Wind, rain, ice, and gravity cause _______________ which is the carrying away or movement of pieces of broken rocks.
Crust The outer layer of Earth’s structure is the __________ which is broken into pieces called plates.
Climate The average weather pattern over a long period of time is a place’s ______________.
Renewable ____________________ are resources that Earth or people can replace and that more may be made.
Deforestation The loss of forest cover in a region is ______________.
pollution Waste that makes the air, soil, or water less clean is ____________.
Command A ________________economy has the highest level of government control.
Ecosystem _______________ is a group of plants and animals that depend on each other and their environment for survival.
Language ___________________ is a set of spoken sounds, written symbols, or hand gestures that make it possible for people to communicate.
Urbanization ______________________ is the movement of people from rural areas to cities or urban areas.
Population Density The average number of people in an area per square mile is the __________________.
Constitution The _____________ is our set of written laws.
Culture _____________________ is the way of life for a group of people who share similar beliefs and customs.
Government The purpose of _______________ is to keep order, to provide services, and to protect the common good.
Citizen A __________________ is a legal member of a country usually made so by being born within the country.
Agriculture ___________________ provided a steady food supply which allowed people to settle in one area and develop permanent communities.
United Nations The ______________ is the largest international organization that works for peace.
Religion ____________________ is a system of worship and beliefs, including the belief about the nature of a god or gods.
Civilization Humans went from Hunter/Gatherers, making tools, controlling fire, using agriculture, and inventing a system of writing to become a ____________.
Industrialization __________________ is the development of machine-powered production and manufacturing.
Capitalism A market economy is also called _____________________ and is a system where producers and consumers make basic decisions about production and consumption.
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