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bycznski CPR

what are the links in cardiac chain of survival Early recognition and early accessearly CPRearly defibrillationarly advanced medical care
what are the signals of a heart attack for both men and women chest pain,spreading to shoulders.neckshortness of breathnausea or vomitingdizziness
what is the role of CPR in cardiac arrest 1. send someone to call 9ll2. have viciim stop what they ar e doing and rest comfortably3. loosen clothing4. monitor victim closely until EMS arrive5. Be prepared to perform CPR
how does defibrillation work and what it is? A defibrillator is in use when someone in cardiac restgive a electric shock through the body
what are the general steps for using a automated enternal defibrillator? 1. Turn on AED2.wipe the victim chest dry and apply pads3. let the AED analyze the heart rhythm and advise all responders to stand clear4. deliver shock by pushing the button
what are the precautions for using an AED? 1 don't touch the while the AED analyzing don't touch the vicitim while the AED defibrilllating3. don't use alcohol wipes to wipe the victim chest4 don't use an AED in moving vechile3 don't use
what are the ACDA of cardiac arrest? A accessC CPRD defibrillatonA advanced care
how many inches do you compress 1/1/2-2 in
what does PCAA stand for? P prevention C CPRA access 911A advanced care
What are the steps using an AED on child 1 turn on AED2 put on the pads pesiatric pads3 plug the cinnector into the AED4 let the AED analyze the victim
what are the steps of cpr in a child locate the proper hand postionuse the one hand technique do 30 compressions and 2 breaths
what do you do if you have 2 responders should call 911 and other provides CPR when the person goving CPR get tired the other one take over
when should you stop CPR scene become unsafe, victim show signs of life, an if he AED is available to use, another trained recsuer arrivestoo exhsausted to continue
what is angina pectoris? medical term pain in the chest
what is an heart attack? cause by obstructions in the coronary arteries
a victim that has no sign of life is clinically dead
what is cardiopulmonary resuscitation it a combination of chest compressions and rescue breathing
what are the action steps of an emergency check, call , care
what is ventricualar fibrillation disorganized elecrical activity which results quiverin if ventricles
what is ventricular tachycardia anbnormal heart rhythm characterized by rapid contractions of the ventricles
Created by: bycznski