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6th Science Test 1B

Mr.Olson 6th Grade Science Chapter 1B

The idea that Earth's crust and upper mantle are broken into enormous slabs is called______? Theory of Plate Tectonics
What is the layer of Earth between the core and the crust? mantle
Where do earthquakes and volcanos occur? plate boundaries
What device maps the ocean floor by sending out a sound and then receiving the echo of that sound? sonar
What do we call the process by which new ocean floor is continually being added called? sea floor spreading
A flip of Earth's magnetic field is called what? magnetic reversal
What do we call the part made up of Earth's crust and upper mantle? tectonic plates
What did Alfred Wegener find on seperate continents that he said was proof of his theory? fossil remains
A very long crack in the ocean floor is called a _____? mid ocean ridge
What theory was developed by Alfred Wegener that stated the continents were once one landmass that broke apart? Continental Drift Theory
What device do scientists use to show how particles of iron line up within a rock? magnetometer
What would ne some evidence that the continents were once together? puzzle like fit of continental shelves, similar fossils, similar mineral deposits
What is the area around a magnet where the effects of magnetism are felt? magnetic field
What was the giant landmass called that existed about 200 million years ago? Pangea
Which is thicker: a tectonic plate on land or water? land
Created by: Kaylee Hoffman