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Herbert CPR Test

What is respiratory distress? breathing becomes difficult
What is respiratory arrest? heart stops
what is it called when when air enters the stomach during rescue breaths? gastric distention
when do you stop giving care to a victim? scene becomes unsafe, victim begins to breathe on own, another trained person takes over, EMS takes over, you become too exhausted to continue
SAMPLE signs and sympyoms. allergies. medications. past medical history. last oral intake. events leading to injury ir illness.
DOTS deformities. open injuries. tenderness. swelling
without oxgyen, how does it take for cells to begin to die? 4-6 minutes
two types of Airway obstructions anatomical and mechanical
anatomical airway blocked by tongue or swelling of mouth and throat tissue.
mechanical. airway partially or completely blocked by a forgein object
asthma narrow air passages that makes breathing difficult
emphysema lungs and alveoli lose ability to expand
bronchitits inflanation of the lining of the tracha, bronchioles.
anaphylactic shock sever allergic reaction
hyperventilation breathing is faster than normal.
care for airway obstruction 5 back blows, 5 abdominal thrusts, call 9-1-1
diabetes low blood sugar
3 C's check the scene and then the victim, call 9-1-1 or emergency response system, care for the victim till EMS arrives.
universal sign of choking. clutching the throat with one or both hands.
abdominal thrusts for pregnant women or obese people give them CPR compressions.
Created by: darleneherbert