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Rutherford Chapter 6

Rutherford Breathing Emergencies

What are the two types of breathing emergencies? respiratory distress and respiratory arrest
Most common breathing emergency? respiratory distress
Care for respiratory distress? check, call, care
What is the most common cause of respiratory emergency? airway obstruction
This occurs if the airway is blocked by the tongue or swollen tissues of the mouth and throat. anatomical airway obstruction
This occurs when the airway is partially or completely blocked by a foreign object, such as a piece of food or a small toy, or by fluids, such as vomit or blood. mechanical airway obstruction
Breathing has stopped, no oxygen is getting the vital organs. respiratory arrest
Signals of respiratory arrest? absence of breathing, skin color
What if a victim has dentures? don't remove them unless they are blocking the airway
What is asthma? condition that narrows the air passages and makes breathing difficult
What is emphysema? lungs and alveoli loose their ability to exchange air.
Common signal of asthma? wheezing.
What is cyanotic? bluish color of the skin
What is aspirate? inhalation of blood, vomit, or other foreign material into the lungs
What is a stoma? an opening in the front of the neck where a person breathes.
What is anaphylactic shock? severe allergic reaction.
What is hyperventilation? breathing is faster than normal
What is bronchitis? inflammation of the trachea, bronchi, and bronchioles.
What is epiglottis? severe inflammation of the epiglottis
What is croup? swelling of the vocal cords
Created by: hrutherford79