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What is respiratory distress? most comon breathing emergency.
What is enphysema? disease in which the lungs and aveoli lose their ability to exchange carbon dioxide and oxegyn effectively.
What are two types of breathing emergencies? respiratory distress and respiratory arrest.
What are the four C's for Respiratory distress? Check the scene,check the victim,call 911,care for the conditions.
What is respiratory arrest? breathing stops.
What is rescue breaths? way of breathing air into a victim's lungs to supply that person with oxegyn he or she needs to survive.
What is gastric distention? Air in stomache.
What is a stoma? Where they remove all or part of the upper end of their airway.
What happens when air goes to the stomache? The victim vomits.
What is the D in the ABCD's? defibrillation.
What are dominal thrust? provides an effective way to clear the airway obstruction in an adult or child.
If he or she got air in the stomache and vomits it ______ stomache contents or other material. aspirate
Is weezing a signal of asthma? yes.
What is rescue breathing? a technique of breathing for a non-breathing child or infant.
What is cyanotic? Bluish discoloration of the skin around the mouth or the fingertips resulting from a lack of oxegyn in the blood.
What is aspirate? Inhalation of blood, vomit or other foreign material into the lungs.
What is the B in the ABCD's? Breathing.
Is the C in the ABCD's circulation? true or false? true.
What is allergens? a certain medication.
What is the first thing you do for respiratory care? Check for life threathning conditions.
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