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Historical Pts

1-Birch History of the Indian Civilization

DefinitionPoint on Timeline
Neolithic Revolution: Villages formed on Indus River 3500-3000 BCE
Cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro are inhabited 2300 and 2000 BCE
Aryans invaded through Khyber Pass formed Indo-Aryan people 1750-1500 BCE
Vedic Age. Indus Valley and Ganges Plains are settled; Hinduism begun. 1500-1000 BCE
Indus Valley population increases 1000-560 BCE
Siddharta Gautama born. Later forms Buddhism 560 BCE
Jains formed 500 BCE
Alexander the Great invades western and northern India 326 BCE
Chandragypta seizes power, unifies N. India, began Mauryan dynasty 300 BCE
Mauryan Empire 200 BCE -- 320 AC/CE
Silk Road Trade 184 BCE
Jesus of Nazereth AD1 or 1CE
Asoka of Mauryan Empire united India except for extreme southern tip; converted to Buddhism 300 BCE
Golden Age of Gupta; art and literature flourished 320--520 AD/CE
Huns Invade 455 AD/CE
Huns formed the rajput warrior caste 650 AD/CE
Muslim Dominance of India 1000 -- 1700s AD/CE
Mahmud of Ghazni invades northern India; Delhi becomes a sultanate; 1st muslim stronghold 1000 AD/CE
Timur the lame (tamerlane) conquers Delhi sultanate 1398 AD/CE
Mugal Empire 1495 -- 1556 AD/CE
King Akbar of the Mogul Empire ruled India again 1556 AD/CE
Aurangzle is Last of the Moguls 1700s AD/CE
English Dominance of India 1800 -- 1947 AD/CE
Gandhi killed 1949 AD/CE
India, Pakistan, Bengladesh are all indpendent countries 2006 AD/CE (today)
Created by: cougarchick13