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Joanne Carbonell

Anatomy Week 1-6

Intracellular parasites that consist of DNA or RNA surrounded by a protein coat and sometimes by a lipoprotein envelope are called: viruses
The normal reading or range of normal is called the: set point
This can be best described as state of relative constancy. homeostasis
If one side of a DNA molecule is CTAGGCTG, the other side would be: GATCCGAC.
Humans can synthesize 13 of 21 basic amino acids; the remaining 8, which must be included in the diet, are called: essential amino acids
The basic building blocks of fats are: fatty acids and glycerol
Twenty-three chromosomes per cell in humans is referred to as: haploid
The correct order of the phases of mitosis is: prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase.
During which stage of mitosis do the centrioles move to the opposite poles of the cell? prophase
Which cells form the blood-brain barrier that protects the brain from harmful substances in the blood? astrocytes
Which type of connective tissue helps newborns maintain body temperature by producing heat? brown fat
A person with a fractured patella would expect discomfort in the: knee
During childbirth, a baby passes through an imaginary plane called the: pelvic outlet
The human hand has greater dexterity than the forepaw of any animal because of the freely movable joint of the: thumb
Painful muscle contractions or involuntary twitches are called: cramps
Skeletal muscles are innervated by: somatic motor neurons
Rotator cuff surgery is performed quite commonly on professional baseball players, especially pitchers. Evidently, the throwing motion places enormous stress on the: shoulder
The knee joint is an example of a _____ joint. hinge
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