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Fund 4 Vocab

Affective Learning Expressions of feeling and acceptance of attitudes, opinions, or values
Algor Mortis Reduction in body temp with loss of skin elasticity after death
Analogies Resemblances made b/w things otherwise unlike
Attentional set Internal state of the learner that allows focusing and comprehension
Cognitive Learning Includes all intellectual behaviors and requires thinking
Learning The purposeful acquisition of new knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and skills
Learning Objectives An objective which describes what the learner will be able to do after successful instruction
Livor Mortis Purplish discoloration of skin independent areas from breakdown of RBCs after death
Literacy Ability to read or write
Motivation Force that acts on or within a person to cause the person to behave in a particular way
Psychomotor learning Involves acquiring skills that require the integration of mental and muscular activity such as the ability to walk or use a utensil
Rigor Mortis Stiffening of body, developing 2-4 hrs after death (involves contraction of skeletal/ smooth muscle)
Teaching An interactive process that promotes learning; consists of actions that help individuals gain knowledge, change attitudes, adopt new behaviors, or perform new skills.
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