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IVC Lesson13

IVC Chinese Lesson 13 (with English)

张 zhāng (mw for flat objects), to spread out, (common surname)
让 ràng ask, let
块 kuài yuan (unit of currency), (mw: piece, chunk) (
条 tiáo strip, (mw for long thin objects), item
便宜 piányi cheap
贵 guì expensive, noble, honorable
穿 chuān to wear, put on, penetrate
比较 bǐjiào compare, contrast, relatively
钱 qián money, coin
买 mǎi buy
觉得 juéde feel, think
卖 mài sell
或者 huòzhě or, possible, maybe, perhaps
不错 búcuò not bad, pretty good, correct
比 bǐ compare, (indicates comparison)
帮 bāng to help, assist, group, gang
戴 dài put on, to wear, to respect
好看 hǎokàn good-looking, attractive
毛衣 máoyī sweater
衬衫 chènshān shirt, blouse
裤子 kùzi pants, trousers
裙子 qúnzi skirt
人民币 rénmínbì RMB, renminbi (China's currency)
帽子 màozi hat, cap
鞋子 xiézi shoes
牛仔裤 niúzǎikù jeans, cowboy pants
手表 shǒubiǎo wristwatch
西装 xīzhuāng suit, Western-style clothes
黄色 huángsè yellow
袜子 wàzi socks, stockings
长裤 chángkù trousers, slacks
店员 dián4yuán salesman, shopkeeper
试试 shìshì have a try
外套 wàitào coat
背心 bèixīn vest
短裤 duǎnkù shorts, knickers, pants
美金 mēi3jin usd
脱 tuō to shed, take off, to escape
黑色 hēisè black
一件 yíjiàn MW for Clothes
多少钱 duōshǎoqián how much money
或者huò zhě or
Created by: Kaixinlaoshi
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