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GI Drugs

different drugs for the GI tract and their uses

Apomorphine "Apokyn" Stimulate dopeime receptors, helps any cardiac concerns through IV, may cause aspiration
Xylazine "Rompum" Alpha 2 adrenergic agonist, works on vascular smooth muscle. (cats vomit) sedative relaxes muscle
Hydrogen Peroxide induces vomiting, and may cause gastric ulcers
Hydromorphine sedative, induces vomiting. may cause head injuries and bloat
Chlorpromazine sedative, reduces vomiting. may cause liver disease
meclizine motion sickness, reduces vomiting, and helps vestibular disease
maropitantcirate "cerenia" reduces vomiting, and car motion sickness, reduces organ pain. causes for less controlled substance because it reduces pain
Ondansetron "Zofran" 5D 8D3 serotonin receptor, may cause severe liver disease, and breed mutation
loperamide "imodium" anti vomiting and anti diarrhea. can not use in food animals. may cause liver disease
bismuth subsalicylate "Pepto bemol" anti bacterial, and anti diarrheal. (don't use often on cats because they can be sensitive to aspirin)
Activated Charcoal "Toxiban" binds to toxins, gives a protective lining. moves things along so quickly. some doses may have sorbitol (sugar)
Ingestible fiber "bran" pulls water into stools making they easier and faster to pass through
Phosphate salts "Fleet Enema" pulls water into stools and makes them pass through easier and faster
Mineral oil pulls water into stools and makes them faster to process
Glycerin pushes out stools faster, adding more water
Lactulose lubricant's that adds water to stools making them go through easier
Magnesium "Maalox" reduces acidity of stomach acid
ranitidine "Zintec" may cause severe liver disease, and breed mutation
Sucralfate "Carafate" protects ulcer from stomach acid, lets ulcer heal while building a layer of protected
Misoprostol "cytotec" not used as a first line protectant, may cause abortions'
Cyproheptadine seriation antagonist, increases hunger
midazolam class 4# controlled sedative increases hunger
mirtazapine anti depressetiant, blocks release of anthem causes hunger
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