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Sociology 1101

Sociology notes

Capitalism an economic system grounded in the private ownership of the means of production
Charismatic Authority the excise of power as legitimated through personal magnetism of individuals who compel people to believe in them and grant them their support
Contact Hypothesis The proposal that prejudiced attitudes can decline with inter-group contact
Davis-Moore Thesis The theory that social stratification is functional for society because it ensures that key social positions are held by the most capable people
Democratic Racism A system that advocates equality but in fact perpetuates minority differentiation and oppression.
Discrimination actions that deny or grant advantages to members of a particular group.
Domestic Labour The activities required to maintain a home and care for the people who live in it.
Double Ghetto a situation in which women have full time jobs outside the home often work another "shift" when they get home.
ecological Fallacy Drawing conclusions that individual attributes from data collected from an entire group.
Ethnicity a multi-dimensional concept that includes one's minority or majority status, ancestry, language, and often religious affiliation.
Exception Fallacy Drawing Conclusions about a certain group based on observations of individuals.
Exchange Theory the assertion that power flows from the resources that a member brings into a relationship
Family of Procreation the family one creates by having children or adopting children
Feminization of poverty the universal phenomenon whereby women are more susceptible to poverty than men.
gender social distinctions between masculinity and femininity.
Hegemonic Masculinity the normative ideal of dominant masculinity
intersexed individuals an individual born with ambiguous genitalia.
meritocracy a system of rewards based on personal attributes and demonstrated abilities.
political economy the interactions of politics, government and governing, and the social and cultural constitution of markets, institutions, and actors.
prejudice a negative prejudgment about a person or group that is irrational, long lasting and not based on fact
racialization the process of attributing complex characteristics (eg. intelligence) to racial categories.
role strain the stress that results when someone does not have sufficient resources to play a role.
Scapegoat theory the assertion that prejudice and discrimination originate in the frustrations of people who want to blame someone else for their problems
Second Shift the domestic labor preformed by employed women at home after finishing their paid workdays
Social class a group of individuals sharing a position in a social hierarchy, based on both birth and achievement
Social reproduction the activities required to ensure the day-to-day and generational reproduction and survival of the population.
status inconsistency occurs when an individual occupies several different ranked systems at the same time.
transgender an umbrella term for a range of people who do not fit into normative constructions of sex and gender
expressive role responsible for the emotional well being of family members and the socialization of children.
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