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Engineering Prof.

Engineering Profesions/ Design Process

Research Engineer Seeks new findings and ways to use their discoveries.
Development Engineer Attempts to produce a functional device, structure, or process.
Design Engineer Converts the development engineer’s concept or model into a full scale device, process, or structure.
Testing Engineer Responsible for designing and implementing tests that verify the integrity and reliability of a product before it is introduced to the public
Production Engineer Once research, development, design, and testing have been completed, they are responsible for gearing up for mass production.
Construction Engineer Estimates material, labor, and overhead costs for a building.
Operations Engineer Responsible for supplying all the facilities for the plant such as offices, labs, and production floors.
Sales Engineer They are the liaison between the company and consumer, a very important part of influencing a company’s reputation.
Management Engineer A manager’s principal function is to use facilities to produce an economically feasible product.
Consulting Engineer Consulting engineers operate alone or in partnerships to provide specialized help to clients who request it.
Created by: bcbarr