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The Milky Way and Galaxies

Democritus Greek philosopher who first claimed the Milky Way was a lot of distant stars.
William Herschel Made the first map of the Milky Way in 1785
How old is the Milky Way believed to be? 13 billion years old
Approximately how many stars does it contain? 200-400
Appearance of the Milky Way Big black hole in the centre surrounded by a bulge. Bulge is surrounded by a halo which is surround by spiral arms made of stars, gas and dust.
How much of the Milky Way is invisible? 90% of the Milky Way's matter is invisible and and still a mystery
Why is the Milky Way brighter on the outside than the inside? Younger, brighter stars are on the outside, and older, dimmer stars are in the inside.
Where is the Milky Way best seen, and why? Best seen in rural areas because there are not as many bright lights that block the light of the Milky Way and not as much foggy pollution
Why can we only see parts of the Milky Way and not the whole thing? Our Solar System is located in one of the Milky Way's spiral arms so we can only see the parts surrounding us.
Dark Matter Disguises light
Black Hole Hole of dark matter that sucks in everything including time and light
Spiral and Barred Spiral Galaxies Thin disk shaped galaxy with gas and dust-formed arms
Elliptical Galaxies Largest galaxy that is football-shaped
Irregular Galaxies misshaped galaxy because of interaction with other galaxies
Created by: NCCgradenines