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Science BM Rev. 2 09

Science BM 2 Review 2009

Termites, mushrooms and earthworks break down what kind of plants? Dead plants
In the forest ecosystem, what makes nutrients from dead wood available to other living things? Fungi
What gets energy directly from the sun? Producers
What kind of organisms produce their own food? Plants
The protists group contains the most common producers in what environment? Ocean
In a food web the animals are called what? Consumers
A tiger is not an herbivore, but it is a ____? Carnivore
A deer, rabbit and a squirrel are all? Consumers
A bear, dog, tiger and cow all belong to the group of? Consumers
What is the force that moves mud, sand, pebbles and boulders? Water
Landslides carry ____ and rocks down mountains. Soil
A canyon is most likely formed from the movement of? Water
When a __________ runs into the ocean it moves a large amount of sand and mud into the ocean. River
A rock can break apart if water ______ in the cracks of the rock. Freezes
A delta is formed from material transported down a? River
A landform created by the blowing of sand is a? Sand dune
The washing away of soil Erosion
A ___ can be smooth and rounded from the effects of running water. Rock
the breaking down of rocks on the Earth's surface into smaller pieces. Weathering
The remains of animals and plants that lived long ago are called? Fossils
What kind of rock can break apart easily and has noticable layers? Sedimentary
A ____ of a plant can form if the plant falls into mud and hardens over time. Fossil
A fossil of a fish can help show the body ____ of a fish that lived a long time ago. Shape
What kind of rock can have a smooth, even texture and break miuch like glass. Igneous
What is the season that begins in March and continues until June? Spring
What is the season that begins in June and continues until September? Summer
Created by: ChrisParadise