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Ch 16 G.H. Biology

Guest Hollow Biology Chapter 16 vocab

cuticle waxy, waterproof substance produced by epidermal cells of leaves, shoots, and other above-ground parts of plants to preven damage and loss of water by evaporation
dermal tissue type of plant tissue that covers the outside of a plant in a single layer of cells called the epidermis
ground tissue type of plant tissue making up most of the interior of the roots and stems of plants that carries out basic metabolic functions and provides support and storage
meristem type of plant tissue consisting of undifferentiated cells that can continue to divide and differentiate and from which plants grow in length or width
bar tissue that provides a rough, woody external covering on the stems of trees
deciduous plant type of plant that seasonally loses its leaves to reduce water loss during the cold or dry season each year and grows new leaves later in the year
evergreen plant type of plant that keeps its leaves and stays green year-round
fibrous root threadlike root that makes up part of the fibrous root system of some plants
mesophyll specialized tissue inside plant leaves where photosynthesis takes place
root hair tiny hairlike structure that extends from an epidermal cell of a plant root and increases the surface area for absorption
root system all the roots of a plant, including primary roots and secondary roots
stomata (singular, stoma) tiny pore in the epidermis of a plant leaf that controls transpiration and gas exchange with the air
taproot single, thick primary root that characterizes the root system of some plants
antheridia (singular, antheridium) male reproductive organs of the gametophyte generation of plants that produce motile sperm
archegonia (singular, archegonium) female reproductive organs of the gametophyte generation of plants that produce eggs
sporangium (plural, sporangia) structure on a plant of the sporophyte generation that produces spores for asexual reproduction
epiphyte plant that is adapted to grow on other plants and obtain moisture from the air
tropism turning by an organism or part of an organism toward or away from an environmental stimulus
xerophyte plant that is adapted to a very dry environment
Created by: khirschy
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