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A&P II Final

True or False? ACTH, FSH and Oxytocin are secreted by the adenophyophysis. False
Tumor of the thyroid gland? Goiter.
Cortisol causes______________. gluconeogenesis
Deficient anterior pituitary secretion in a growing child will lead to ... dwarfism with fairly normal body proportions.
Releasing homones stimulate anterior pituitary.
Atrial natrieuretic peptide inhibits zona glomerulosa.
Which of the following endocrine glands stores hormones extracellularly and releases them slowly? Thyroid
What does the prostate gland secrete? Alkaline fluid containing fibrinolysin and alkaline phosphtase.
Mesoderm Forms synovial membranes and forms the kidneys.
Site of sperm maturation Epididymis
Cardiac output is the amount of blood by each ventricle in _______ one minute.
Deoxyhemoglobin or reduced hemoglobin is produced ____ after oxygen diffuses into tissues.
During the period of ventricular filling.... blood flows passively through the atria and the open AV valves.
Billrubin leaves the body ... in feces as stercobolin.
What transport protein transport/binds circulating iron? Transferrin
When the heart is beating at a rate of 75/min., the duration of one cardiac cycle is ____ sec .8
Periphereal resistence increases as.... blood viscosity increases.
All of the following can be expected with plycythemia except low blood viscoscity.
Intracellular iron is stored as..... Hemosiderin.
Continuous capillaries constitute ..... the structural basis of the blood brain barrier.
When can erythrobalstosis fetalis not possibly happen in the child of an Rh- mother? Father is Rh-
A major plasma protein that maintains the blood osmotic pressure Albumin
Monocytes "clean up" after an infectious agent is destroyed.
When neither anti-A nor anti-B clots on a blood plate the blood type is O
Post capillary venules smallest venules and consist of endothelium and a few pericytes.
Thromboplastin Not normal plasma protein
Hemolytic anemia is due to.. prematurely ruptured erythrocytes
Pulse pressure difference between systolic and diastolic
AV Valves are supported by ______ chordae tendenae - so they don't backup into atria during Vent.Circ
Dring pulmonary circulation blood leaves the _____ Right Ventricle and moves to Lungs.
Papillary muscles and chordae tendenae contract to prevent.... backflow of blood into atria.
Which of the following is found normally in serum? complement
Not a normal component of Lymph? RBC
Why Lymphatic structure absorbs excess tissue fluid? Capillary
Complement Fixation results in all but.... acute local inflammation
The most abundant class of antibodies in serum is IgG
Plasma cells are activated by Antigen
Antibodies found in mucus, saliva, tears that prevent attachments to epithelial surfaces? IgA
What cells phgcotize antigen-bearing cells and bind them to their MHCs? Antigen Presenting Cells.
When the lymphocytes are blocked due to Tumors, the result is... sever localized derma distal to the blockage.
First step during inflammation vasodilation
Not an affect of complement activation: Interference with viral replication.
Antigens coated with antibodies are suscetible to Phagocytes
Best definition of an antibody is a ... protein that is made in response to an antigen that can combine with that antigen.
Complemnt proteins work by forming pores in the membrane of target cells.
Immunity not due to antibodies Innate Immunity
Margination refers to Aherence of phagocytes to the lining of blood vessels.
To assist with lymph return, lymph vessels.... possess valves, like veins, to prevent backflow.
As conducting tubes of lungs get smaller... smooth muscle increases.
Nervous control of gastric secretion is provided by ____ and ______. Vagus nerve and enteric plexus.
Mechanisms of CO2 transort: Chloride shift mechanism enhances CO2 transport.
Factors that influene the rate/depth of breathing include voluntary cortical control.
Gas flow = pressure gradient/resistence False...not possible.
Pancreatic amylase does not get to small intestine via the __. Cystic Ductf
Important peritoneal folds do not include the ___ ____. Round LIgament.
Chemical digestion in small intestine involves CCK, intestinal hormone responsible for gallbladder.
Lamina propria is composed of.. loose connective tissue.
Under normal conditions, gastric mucosa pours out 2-3L of gastric juice/day.
More CO2 dissolves in blood plasma than is carried in the RBC. True.
Oxygen-transport in blood: 50% oxygen saturation level of blood returning to the lungs might indicate an activity level higher than normal.
Relationship of pressure and volume of gases is given by: Boyle's law.
Tooth Structure: Thin periodontal ligament that holds the tooth in place.
Gastrin, histaine, endorphins, seratonin, etc., are hormones that are released directly into Lamina Propria. Synthesized & secreted by enterendocrine cells.
Cyme entering the duodenum an decrease gastric motility via the ... enterogastric reflex.
Reabsorption of high levels of glucose and amino acids in filtrate is accompanied by ... Secondary active transort
Nephrons Parietal layer of glomerular apsule is simple squamos epithelium.
Distribution of sodium and postassium between cells and body fluids? K+ mainly in cells, Na+ in body fluids.
Descending limb of Hoop of Henle contains.... fluid that becomes more concentrated as it moves down into medullar.
Not reabosoved by PCT. Creatinine.
Urine is buffered by phophate and immontum ion buffer system.
Ureters: Capable of peristalis like that of a GI tract.
Urine Has nitrogenous waste such a Urea and Uric Acid
Most important pysiological buffer system: Lungs/Kidneys
Most important force causing net water flow across capillary walls is hydrostatic pressure of capillary blood.
Reabsorption of water is hormonally controlled True.
Extracellular fluid is human bodies has it all .... glucose.
Reabosorption of water is hormonally controlled
Extracellular fluid in our bodies is composed of... all except, glucose.
Consequences of a glomerular filtration rate that is too low would be waste being reabosorbed.
Created by: StarFish1588
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