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Ecosystem Definitions

Ecology The study of how organisms interacts with each other and their environment.
Niche The interaction of a specie with its ecosystem (everything around it)
Species Similar organisms that have the ability to reproduce with each other.
Habitat Physical environment of an organism.
Hydrosphere All water on earth.
Lithosphere the upper mantle of the earth, the first layer of crust under our feet.
Biosphere the layer of gases surrounding the earth (keep the sun heat in)
Maine Biome High salt water content (coral reef)
Freshwater Biome Low salt content (river, stream)
Commensalism One species benefit and the other is not harmed or no benefits
Symbiosis Close interaction between two different species
Equilibrium Population of a species can be maintained by ecosystem
Parasitism One species benefits at the expense of another
Predation an organism feeds on another
Acid rain and it's effects It is sulfur and nitrogen burned into the air from factories, cars, Effects are outer layer of leaves burned off and nutrients are burned away in the soil
Specie Similar organisms that have the ability to reproduce with each other
Ditrivore Eats dead matter
Herbivore Plant eaters
Carnivore Meat eaters
Omnivore Eats both plants and meat
Decomposer Breaks down dead material
Primary consumer eats plants
Prey Is hunted
Predator Hunts prey
Producer Organisms that use the Sun's energy
5 Nutrients Fat,Carbohydrates,Proteins,Minerals,Vitamins
Secondary Consumer Eats a primary consumer
Tertiary consumer Eats a secondary consumer
Created by: NCCgradenines