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2021-2022 SCIENCE

Chp 2 Life Cycles

stages that an organism passes through from egg or spore to reproducing adult life cycle
a decomposer that usually reproduces through spores fungi
structures on the underside of a mushroom cap gills
the set of instructions that control an organism's characteristics and life processes genetic material
what is a generation one complete life cycle
how long does it take a bacterium to go through its life cycle 20 minutes
the science word for consisting of only one cell unicellular
give an example of where bacteria are found {{Recall class discussions & refer to science notebook}}
science tool needed to see bacteria microscope
the first stage in a bacterium life cycle copy genetic material
scientist who studies fungi mycologist
example of unicellular fungus yeast
organism in its early stages of development embryo
nutrient rich structure inside a seed (food for the embryo until it can make its own food) cotyledon
the outer protective covering of a seed seed coat
the male structure of a flower stamen
the female structure of a flower pistil
what does the anther produce pollen
what does the ovary contain egg cells (ovules)
what happens when a pollen grain unites with an egg cell fertilization
the process where pollen is transferred from anther to stigma by pollinators pollination
what does the fertilized egg of a plant become a seed
what develops around the seed (from the ovary) fruit
what do we call a young plant seedling
give an example of a pollinator {{Recall class discussions & refer to science journal}}
True or False: All organisms have the SAME life cycles. False
the best way to get rid of bacteria on our hands good hand washing
what does germinate mean to begin to grow or develop
the job of fungi decomposing
3 basic parts of a bean seed seat coat, cotyledon, embryo
Pollen grain contains half of the genetic material and the egg contains the other half of the genetic material needed to make a new plant.
True or False: All organisms go through life cycles. True
stages of bacterium life cycle 1) copy genetic material; 2) cell elongates; 3) build a cell wall; 4) divide into two new cells
what is difference between how a fungus and a plant reproduce {{Recall class discussions & refer to science journal}}
Be able to label the parts of a flower &F be familiar with the job/function of each part {{Recall class discussions & refer to science journal}}
How do we see God's purposeful design in life cycles? {{Refer to Genesis 1)
Created by: pcsteacher6
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