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Nursing Care

Ch. 15 Nursing Care of Older Adult Patients

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) those activities and behaviors that are performed in the care and maintenance of self (bathing, dressing, eating)
Aspiration accidental drawing in of foreign substances into the trachea and lungs during inspiration.
Constipation a condition of sluggish or difficult bowel action/ evacuation.
Contractures abnormal accumulations of fibrosis connective tissue in skin, muscle, or joint capsule that prevent normal mobility at that site.
Delirium acute, reversible state of disorientation and confusion with difficulty focusing attention, inability to sleep, and hyperactivity due to an underlying cause.
Dementia a broad term that refers to cognitive deficit, including memory impairment.
Depression a mental disorder marked by altered mood with loss of interest.
Edema collection of excess fluid in body tissues.
Expectorate the act or process of coughing up materials from the air passageways leading to the lungs.
Extrinsic Factors external variables.
Holistic encompasses the person's body, mind, and spirit along with the environment and society in with the person lives.
Homeostasis maintaining a constant balance, especially whenever a change occurs.
Intrinsic Factors internal variables.
Nocturia excessive urination at night.
Optimum Level of Functioning highest level of patient activity considering the patient's condition.
Osteoporosis a condition in which there is a reduction in the mass of bone per unit volume.
Perception a unique impression of events by an individual.
Pressure Injury an open sore or lesion of the skin that develops because of prolonged pressure against an area.
Range of Motion the range of movement of a body joint.
Reality of Orientation a process to orient a person to facts such as names, dates, and time through the use of verbal and nonverbal repeating messages.
Sensory Deprivation no or minimal stimulation of the senses that creates the potential for maladaptive coping.
Sensory Overload excessive stimulation of the senses that creates the potential for maladaptive coping.
Urinary Incontinence inability to control urine excretion creating accidental urinary leakage.
Created by: Jessica Venyke
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