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geography final

Geography Final Review 09 semester 1

name the 5 themes of geography location, place, region, HEI, movement
describe plan ( azimuthal) projection strength-line from center gives shortest distance between pointsweakness- size and shap distorted
conical projection strength- accurate shape, shows land masses that extend over large areasweakness- distorts landmass
cyndrical(compromise) projectiona strength- shows entire earth on mapweakness- shpaes of contientents distorted and compressed to equator
Robinson Projection strength- shpaes and sizes of landmassweakness-shapes near poles, flat
imaginary line that oghes around the eartyh through the north and south poles. the long lines of the map longitude
the set of imaginary lines that measure north and south on a map. the look like a latter latitude
continous ciculation of water between the atmosphere, ocean and earth hydrolic cycle-
what are the 4 main types of relief( landforms) mountains, hills, plains, plateus
mechanical weathering process of breaking down rock into smaller pieves, doesnt changed rock only size
chemical weathering rock changed into new substance from interaction between air/water and minerals of rock
What is the ring of fire chain of active volcanoes around pacific ocean
what do convergent subduction plates form? volcanoes
what do convergent collison plates form?? mountains
what do divergent paltes form? Valleys?
what makrs the begging of summer and winter and summer is the longest and winter is the shortest? solstice
what is the day when the day and night are equal and mark beginning of sprin gand autumn equinox
winter solstice date? december 22-23
autumnal equinox date september 23
summer soltice date june 21-22
vernal ( spring) equinox date mark 21
the bend of winds due to earths totation ( hot air flows up, cold air flows toward equator) coriolis effect
when warm water is away from equator and cold water is toward...what map is this in ocean currents map
what are the 3 ways rain form frontal, convectional and orographic
describe what FRONTAL precipitation is cold dense air masses that push lighter warm air masses upward, causing rain to form
describe what OROGRAPHIC precipitation is associates with mountain areas, drop more atin on windward side of a mountain and create a rain shadow on the leeward side
describe what CONVECTIONAL precipitation is typical of hot climates, convection occurs after morning sunshine heats warm moist air. clouds form in the afternoon and rain falls
spread of ideas, inventions and patterns of behavior is... diffusion
Acculturation occurs when a society changes because i accepts or adopts an innovation
give an example of how diffusion and acculturation effected english and india? example... a major language of india is english because it used to be a part of english cont.
monotheistic belives in one god
polytheistic belives in many gods
mortality rate death rate per 1000
infant mortality rate death per 1000 under age 1
birth rate births per 1000
rate of natural increase population growth rate
what are the 4 economic activities? primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary
describe primiary act. raw materials such as timber, for immidiate use or use for final product
describe secondary act. adding value to materials by changing their form ( manu. auto)...ex. cars
describe tertiary act. providing buisness or professional services...ex salses person, teacher ( service industry)
describe quaternary act. provide info, management and reseatrch services by highly trained persons ( ex. compuer programers, web tec.)
describe a command economy gov. owned/controlled
describe a demand ( market) economy determined by demand of consumers
infrastructure basic support systems needed to keep an economy going ( ex. power, comm., transportation, water...)
Federalism system of gov in whcih power is shared by a central gov and by state gov
Monarchy king/queen hold political power and may or may not share power wtih the citizens ( ex. UK and saudi Arabia)
independent unit, occupies an are and has control of internal and external affairs state
group of ppl with a common culture, are with strong unity nation
totalitarian gov has total conrol ( one or small group of ppl)
columbian exchange goods traded between old world ( europe) and new world (america)...both diseases and crops they recieved affected the N. Am ( indian) population
list the 4 subregions of the USA northeast, midwest, south, west
which subregion in the USA holds 5% land area northeast
whcih subregion in the USA is the american heartland and holds 12 states midwest
which subregion of the USA holds 1/4 of the US, 1/3 of the population, 16 states South
whcih subregion of the USA holds 1/2 of the land and has 13 states West
What is Megalopolis? region in which several large cities and surrounding areas grow togeher
what is metropolitan? funcional area including a city and its surrounding suburbs and exurbs, linked ecconomically
what is postindustrial? economic phase in which manufacturing no longer plays a domminate role`
Explain Free enterprise economic system where private individuals ownmost of the resources, technology, and buisnesses, and can operate them for a profit with litter government control.
describe the French and English problems in canada french claimed much of canada ( newfrance). british also colonzion N.am along at.coast. furtrade and fish import to both. britain won over france in french and indian war. forcing france to surrender land. but french settle remained...
name the 4 subregions of Canada atlantic, core, prarie, pacific provinces
what candian province has a rugged terrain and allows only 8% of pop to live here...logging fish, mining atlantic provinces
what candian province is the heartland of canada, 3/5 canadians live here, canadas political and economic center core provinces
what candian provinceis the breadbasket.....50% of canadas argicultural production is here, 60% mineral out put, diverse cultures prarie provinces
what candian province where most the pop in the s.w, snowfields and glaciers, territories make up 41% landmass pacific provinces
Nunavut one of canada's territories and home to many of canadas inuit; it was carved out of the eastern half of n. west territories
NAFTA stands for the north american free trade agreement; important trade agreement creating a huge zone of cooperation on trade and economic issues in n Am.; tarrifs on manu. goods are slowly dissapearing. creating millions of jobs
what was mexicos change in government in 2000? challenges- jobs, emigration,edu-mx. pop doubled by year 2000-vincente fox, national action party cand, elected pres of mx. for 1st time in 71 years, PRRI did not control mx congress or pres...election show mx was becoming more democratic
why is brazil different? portuguese founded it. they speak portuguease not spanish
what is cubas problem? poverty and dictatorshiip are cubas problem
describe the amazon and the rain forest rainforest- veg. helps clean eaths atmosphere, regulates climate, shelter millions of species,ect...
describe amazona nd rainforest elaborate. native ppl living in poverty, travel to rain forest in seatch land on which they grow crops. clearforest unknowing of fertile soil.cutting down trees causes land erosion.
Pampas areas of grasslands and rich soil found in n argentina and uruguay.
Fjords also called glaciers in norway, steep u-shaped valleys that connect to sea and filled w/ seawater after glaciers melted
mistral cold, dry, wind from north
sirocco hot, steady south wind that blows from north africa across med. sea into southern europe, mostly spring.
current of warm water from tropics, flows near europes w. coast north atlantic coast
Meseta Central plateu of spain
Polder land that is reclaimed by diking and draining. steps 10 shallow water 20 water pumped away 30 rain washes left over salt away 40 alfalfa planted 5 farming beginnings
Dike earthern bank used to direct or prevent passasge of water
process of bereaking up a region into small, mutually hostile units balkanization
type of economic system in which production of goods and services is determined by demand from consumers. Also called demand economy/capitalism market economy
cultural cross roads example is eastern europe...... two cultures come together
ethnic cleansing policy of trying to eliminate an ethnic group thorugh violence
European Economic Community provides the EUw/ reliable info about environment.
Created by: kelly ann craig