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What is CAMS EOSS Procedure for automatic start of the GTM from the PACC
What is the Motor Duty Cycle Air Pressure 20-22PSIG. Air Temp @ 200*F 5mins On - 2mins Off - 5mins On - 18mins of in any 30 mins Cycle.
What is the Start Duty Cycle? Air Pressure 35-85PSID 45sec On - 2mins Off for any number of Cycles. Or 2mins On - 5mins Off - 2mins On - 21mins Off in any 30mins Cycle.
What is the Ignotion Duty Cycle? 45sec On - 30mins Off for every 30mins Cycle.
What are the GTM Start Parameters? NGG - gas generator speed : PT - Power Turbine Speed: Lube Oil Supply Pressure : Fuel Manifold Pessure : T5.4 - Power Turbine Inlet Temp : GG GG Vibes : PT PT Vibes : Compressor Discharge Pressure : FMV/A Position
When do you abort start? When T5.4 rises above 1350*F. When there is an indication of a compressor stall.
What is TIC? Throttle In Control.
What is Self Sustaining Speed? 4500 +/- 200RPM
What is Idle Speed? 4.9 - 5.1KRPM
When does UEC Logic kicks in? NGG is less than 1200RPM @ 20sec after Sart Air Valve is opened. L/O Pressure is less than 6PSIG @ 45sec after Start Air Valve is opened or @ NGG is 4500RPM. NGG is less than 4500RPM @ 90sec after Start Air Valve is opened.
When does UEC Logic kicks in?
Created by: FlashClaude