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Floyd Final Review

Review for 1st Semester Final Exam

Countries around this body of water are known for their large stores of oil Persian Gulf
Mecca is the holy city for this religion Islam
Most abundant resource in the Middle East oil
the founder of Christianity Jesus
Islamic terrorist organization responsible for the 9/11 attacks on the US alQaeda
oil-producing country north of Saudi Arabia where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers are found Iraq
most pressing issue facing the Middle East in terms of water supply scarcity
artificial watering of land, especially for farming irrigation
country bordered by the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea Turkey
Saudi Arabia has a harsh climate but is using this process to solve its water problems desalination
The area where early civilizations began around the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers Fertile Crescent
two resources that are vital to the future of the Middle East are water and these fossil fuels
the waterway created for trade that connects the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea Suez Canal
the Middle Eastern country that is the world's leading oil producer Saudi Arabia
Country that, along with France, gained control of the Ottoman Empire lands at the end of WWI Great Britain
mountainous country east of Iran where the US is sending troops Afghanistan
a movement in response to anti-Semitism that called for the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine Zionism
a country downstream from Turkey that is concerned about losing water resources due to the dam project Syria
the Old Testament is basically the same as the holy book for this religion Judaism
the Arab-Israeli Wars concerned this group of people reclaiming their homeland from Palestinian Arabs Jews
differences between Sunnis and Shi'ites are over who should be the ___ of the religion and government leader
Saddam Hussein invaded this country in the Persian Gulf War Kuwait
an economy that has some private enterprise and government control mixed economy
the government makes all decisions in this type of economy command economy
the US and Israel have this type of economy mixed market
type of government where a wealthy family or military group has power oligarchy
this is made up of 12 oil-rich nations that control world oil prices and supply OPEC
if a resource is scarce, the price will usually ___ rise
Israel's government is this type of democracy because the legislature chooses the Prime Minister Parliamentary
Saudi Arabia's government which is headed by a king monarchy
another name for a business owner entrepreneur
trade barrier where one country refuses to trade with another country embargo
investments in education are investments in ____ resources human (or human capital)
type of democracy where voters choose legislative and executive branch presidential
total value of all goods and services produced in a country in a year GDP
under Saddam Hussein, Iraq's type of governemnt was a(n) ___ autocracy
system of govt. where the central government controls most government functions and has the power unitary system
government ruled by a religious leader or group theocracy
capital investments in transportation, also known as ____, help a country grow its GDP infrastructure
a tax on imported goods that helps protect a country's businesses tariff
the type of government where one person has the power autocracy
the Ayatollah, or Supreme Leader, is the leader of this Middle Eastern country Iran
the conflict caused by a mountainous ethnic group's desire for their own state Kurdish Conflict
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