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Science Motion Unit

Motion, vollicity, reference points, types of motion.

What is a an example of a force. Gravity
what force do objects falling though air experience. drag
What force is the resistance to the movement of the skies on the snow? It keeps the skier from moving as fast. friction
Which type of force holds ice up in water? Buoyancy
Determine all the forces acting on the ball as it travels down the ramp. Gravity, normal, Friction and drag
If someone is pushing this box to the left on a driveway, what are the other forces also acting on the box as it moves? Gravity pulling the box downward, Normal force holding the box up, friction holding the box back to the right and the applied force of the person pushing the box.
A basket of apples is pulled with a constant force. A friction force acts in a direction opposite to the motion. The basket starts at rest and increases its speed over time. What are ways to decrease the speed of the basket. Pull with less force, add an apple to the basket.
What is realtive velocity The speed and direction of an object from a certain point of view
How do you calculate relative motion if two objects are moving at the same direction, but different speeds? Subtract the slower object from the faster object, which will seem backwards to the faster object.
Ifcar A is moving 30 m/s to the east and car C is moving 20 m/s to the west what is the motion of car C from car A's perspective? 50 m/s to the west
From the perspective of Car C (20 m/s west), what is the motion of Car D (0m/s)once it has passed it? 20 m/s east
What is the realitive volicty of car B (10 m/s east) from car A perspective (30 m/s East) 20 m/s west
If the white van is going 30 mph right and the red car is going 30 mph left. From the Red car's perspective driving towards the white van, what is the velocity of the white van? 30 mph left
If a passenger is traveling on a train going 60 mph West. From the perspective of someone on the side of the road, what is the relative velocity of the passenger? 60 mph west
If a jockey is going 17 m/s west and a runner is going 5 m/s west what is the jockeys motion compared to the runner. 12 m/s west
If a runner is going 5 m/s west and a pilot is going 29 m/s west what is the reative velocity of the runner from the pilot's sperspective. 24 m//s east
What is the relativ velocity of a cyclist (5 m/s east) from the point of view of a pilot ( 29m/s west) 34 m/s east
What si th rrelaitve motion of the blue (going 45 mph West) from the white cars point of view (going 40 mph west)? 5 mph West
What is the relative velocity of a bird flying East 20 mph. from the perspective of someone on the ground walking towards it at 3 mph? 23 mph east
What is Yash's relative motion if he rides on his motorcycle 65 miles per hour East from the perspective of someone walking towards him at 2 mph West? 67 mph east
If a train is moving 55 m/s East and someone is walking on the train 2 m/s East, what is the relative velocity of the walker from the observer outside the train? 57 m/s east
What is an object used to detect motion? a reference point
What is the velocity of a crow flying East 20 mph. from the perspective of someone standing still on the ground? 20 mph east
People living at Earth's Equator are traveling at a speed of obut 1, 670 km/hr as Earth spins on its axis. Why do people not detect this motion? Because there is not a common reference point for them to detect this motion.
Choose the distance and displacement for the following scenario. A girl jumps 2 feet off a trampoline and falls back down. Her distance is 4 feet and the displacement is zero
What is the change of position of an object? Motion
What is the change of position of an object? 25 mph
Victor covers 210 km by car at a speed of 70 km/hr. Find the time taken to cover this distance. 3 hrs
Yash rides his motorcyle 65 miles per hour for 4 hours. How many miles does he travel? 260 miles
What is the resistance of an object to a change in motion? inertia
Speed with direction. Example: 30 in/min. South Velocity
What is the speed and direction something seems to be going from a certain point of view? Relative Velocity
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